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Strategic Marketing Planning Process – Beats Sample

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Beat generations Electronicss. LLC was founded in 2006 by Andre Young. a. k. a. Dr. Dre. and Jimmy Lovine. former president of Interscope-Geffen-A & A ; M Records. The company central office in Santa Monica. California and has approximately 150 employees. Their merchandises range from high quality earphones to HD two-channel systems and their digital music service “MOG” . Their first merchandise. Beat generations by Dr. Dre Studio Headphones. came out in 2008. Until the terminal of 2012 their merchandises will be manufactured by Monster Cable. Beats has partnerships with HP.

HTC Mobile. and the Chrysler Group. Harmonizing to Dr. Dre. the strategic purpose of establishing their concern and presenting their merchandises was to allow the consumer hear what the professionals hear because there are excessively many poor-quality earphones out on the market.

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Strategic Marketing Planning Process – Beats Sample
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Net incomes by Dr. DreBeat generations Electronics has reported grosss of $ 500 million in 2011. while capturing approximately 25 % of the earphone market worldwide selling 1. 5 million earphones. Besides their ain gross revenues the company net incomes from their partnerships with HTC.

HP. and Chrysler. all of which are licensed to utilize Beats engineering in their merchandises. While Chrysler installed 10-speaker system in one of their auto theoretical accounts. HTC and HP have them integrated in their electronic merchandises. Quickly lifting net incomes are caused by famous person indorsements by themselves and others. partially by the quality of their merchandises.

4 P’sProductBeats Headphones | PromotionTV commercials. Sponsorships. Public Relations. Online| Price $ 200 – $ 600| PlaceBeats’ Store. Online Store. Electronicss Retailers|

USPBeats’ alone merchandising proposition comes with offering their consumers a merchandise professionals use. such as Dr. Dre. Jimmy Lovine. and other known instrumentalists.

SWOT – Analysis

Brand Attributes. Brand VoiceBrand properties of Beats earphones communicated are superior sound quality. lastingness. and incorporate mike. The trade name voice is really strong since already integrated in the trade name name. It is publically worn and represented by Dr. Dre himself and Jimmy Lovine. every bit good as other famous person subscribers such as P. Diddy. Lil Wayne. Lady Gaga. David Guetta. Justin Bieber. LeBron James. and Will. I. Am.

Current traditional media“Colors” was an ambush selling run in which Beats gave free earphones to exceed jocks of the Olympic Games 2012. which were so seen have oning them on Television. While the legislative establishments regulating the event saw it negatively they created rather a bombilation among consumers. “What will you be” run was aired on national Television in the U. S. and the UK. It shows Lil Wayne and LeBron James with other histrions showing the HD Solo earphones in different colourss. It is portion of the planetary “Colors” run.

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