Strawberries Engineered for What Purposes? Essay

The scientists are specifically looking at strawberries, although the method can be applied to a variety of crops. Like all fruits, strawberries provide compounds that are essential to life. They are a major source of phytochemicals, antioxidants that are thought to reduce the risk of cancer, and they also happen to be an especially important source of vitamin C. But although strawberries already have a high nutritional content, scientists claim that these fleshy, red fruits could be engineered to be even better for our health.

For what other purposes are strawberries genetically engineered or why is there a need for “designer” strawberries? (“Designer,” 2006). Strawberries have been genetically engineered primarily to resist frost. Flounder genes have been found that protects the strawberry from frost. In adition, strawberries are being sprayed with genetically engineered “ice-minus” bacteria. This makes the strawberries frost resistant. Strawberries are not being genetically modified, but the gene in the genetically modified bacteria might affect the strawberries, which in turn affects the consumers (“Superior,” n. d. ).

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Strawberries Engineered for What Purposes?
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