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1. It means that I can easily adapt to situations and that I prefer to go " go with the flow", I'm vey flexible with changes and most of the time I'm ok with it. I tend to picture myself in certain situations and try to find different solutions for that. I don't worry about upcoming situations I just look forward to it and I easily adapt to changes. 2. -Don’t let others abuse your inherent flexibility. Though your Adaptability talents serve you well, don’t compromise your long-term success by bending to every whim, desire, and demand of others. Use smart guidelines to help you decide when to flex and when to stand firm. Avoid roles that demand structure and predictability.

These roles will quickly frustrate you, make you feel inadequate, and stifle your independence. 3. I think that this ideas are helpful tips and that can help me become a better professional. for example sometimes I let people abuse of my flexibility and I don't have to let that happen, I have to know to say no to certain situations. and in the second idea I know that I can't stand certain jobs that required to depend from someone else, I like to be independent and flexible when I'm performing tasks.

No, it wasn't a surprise for me, I already now I had this talent and people have told me before that I have the ability to adapt easily to changes. Analytical It means that you look for causes and try to explain why things happen the way they did. I try to look for answers for every problem that I encounter. I like solving problems and to look at them in a different perspective. 2. -Take an academic course that will expand your Analytical talents. Specifically, study people whose logic you admire. -You may remain skeptical until you see solid proof.

Your skepticism ensures validity, but others may take it personally. Help others realize that your skepticism is primarily about data, not people. Its interesting the idea of looking for courses to improve my analytical talent, I would find that really interesting and I'm really interested for a course like that. Sometimes I remain skeptical about certain things people tell me I always look for a proof or something that can back that statement. 3. Yes I was surprised when I found out of that talent, I thought the almost all the people was like that, but I found out that not all the people look for the answers.

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