Strengths - Life Calling

“A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals - Strengths - Life Calling introduction. ” This paper will discuss the many types of strengths that God has given to each and every person in some shape or form and explain my strengths. The 3 components of the Life Purpose Model are foundational values, unique design, and personal leadership. The 3 main elements in “Unique Design” include strengths, passions, and experiences. Strengths talk about minimizing your own weaknesses and focusing on your own success.

Inside strength there are 4 other categories: physical, emotional, intellectual, and psychological. Inside each one of those categories there are 4 domains which include: gifts, knowledge, skills, and attitude. Within every type of strength your domain will differ because everyone is gifted differently in certain areas. Passions are things that drive a lot of the decisions that we make. They are things that are very near to our heart and have a lot to do with how we choose to do things in our lives. Inside passions there are 3 different levels: interest, desires, and sacrifices.

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Interest are things that raise your attention but, aren’t things that you deeply desire to accomplish. Desires are one step above, they are things you search for and want to pursue and try to accomplish. Lastly, sacrifices are things that you would give anything to accomplish. They explain as things that you are willing to give your life for because you care so deeply about it. Experiences are things that form our strengths and passions. Without experiences you wouldn’t have anything to look back on, whether that be a failure or a prevail.

Inside experiences there are 3 things that factor into how things turn out: circumstances, intensity, and time. Changing one of these factors can altogether mold how your experience turns out. The Strength Matrix is something made to show how the 5 different domains ( Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Psychological, and Spiritual) combined with you gifts, knowledge, skills, and attitude make up your being. It is meant to show you how in every domain you can find some strength or positive gift that you have.

The sad part about today is that most people focus on trying to fix other people rather than identifying what their talents are and deciding to support them. Our culture now a days seem to be incredibly negative. The more you begin to improve your strengths, the more you will stand out. When one focuses on their weaknesses they tend to spend so much time doubting themselves that they lose sight of their positive, strong talents. The 4 dimensions that make up each one of the 5 strength domains are gifts, knowledge, skills, and attitude.

Gifts are things that you were born with, they are thing you didn’t acquire through your own being but, were simply presented with them. Knowledge is described as things that you learn and take into your brain and then integrate into your life. Skills are things that you begin to develop through your own process and work. Lastly, attitude is your personal mindset that creates your beliefs. These 5 domains are interrelated because today society focuses to much on just physical aspect and “smarts” but, when you put all 5 domains together, you begin to see that you have many more gifts, knowledge, and skills that you would of imagined.

The first type of strength I am going to talk about is Physical. 2 of the 8 physical strengths that I think I posses are artistry and physical appearance. I enjoy turning plain things into colorful and fun things. I like taking pictures and I tend to be a person who always has doodles covering their papers. I get great excitement in turning something from dull to beautiful and I think that is the main thing that make me have the strength of artistry.

I think that I posses physical appearance because I believe I was made perfect in God’s image and although sometimes I have trouble remembering that, I try to always keep that in the middle of a lot of situations and things that happen around me. Those are the 2 physical strengths that I see in myself however, my parents see musical talent in me that I have trouble seeing. I started playing the viola in middle school and I wasn’t very committed and decided to give up on it. My parents always tell me that they wish I stuck with it because they thought I could of got very good.

Starting from when I was young to where I am now I have tried almost every sport there is to try. I have been in Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Cross Country, and Track. The only things that have really stuck with me are tennis and running. Since I ran my first Mini Marathon in 8th grade, I have done 5 since then and really enjoy that. I started tennis when I came to Heritage my freshman year and have continued till now. Freshman year I played sophomore year I played golf and although I didn’t enjoy it a whole lot, I ended up getting “Most Improved” award.

One thing that I could do to better my strengths would be to work on not giving up so easily. A lot of times I get extremely frustrated with myself, even when I know i’m improving. I need to work on having more patience with myself and knowing that I am not the most gifted in sports so most physical activities will take longer for me to get a hang off than other, more athletic people. The strength that I will elaborate on in the next few paragraphs is Emotional. “Emotion is not just important but, necessary for us to make good decisions, take optimal action to solve problems, cope with change, and succeed” (Pg. 84). Emotional intelligence is has a very large role in how you decide your Life Calling. Many people who don’t have the best emotional intelligence end up finding themselves for down the road in jobs that they hate. The first ability in emotional intelligence is “Identify and Express Emotions”. Being able to identify emotions can be extremely helpful when dealing with people and situations around you. If you have a good grasp of how to express your emotions then you will be able to communicate things you are going through a lot easier with people.

Being able to take clues from different emotions is another key part of being able to identify emotions. The second ability in emotional intelligence is “Use or Generate Emotions”. I think that I am strong in this ability specifically because I am good at being able to put myself in the “right/ positive” mood” whenever need be. People who can obtain this ability often are good when it comes to making hard decisions and are generally creative minded people. The third ability in emotional intelligence is “Understand Emotions”. This ability starts with being about to gain information specifically information on emotions.

You will need to have a strong understand of emotional vocabulary and comprehension. A lot of times people who are strong in this area are very good at predicting how someone will react in certain situations. These people tend to people the kind of people you want to deal with in strange situations. The fourth and final ability in emotional intelligence is “Manage Emotions”. I think that I also am strong in this ability because most often than not when life gives me bumps or hard patches, I easily pick myself back up and keep on tugging. People who posses this ability are often good at assessing other moods.

I could definitely improve on “Understand Emotions”. I usually have a tough time on understanding why people are reacting the way they are. I think if I tried to improve my emotional vocabulary and comprehension then my ability to predict how people around me will react would get a lot stronger. The next strength I am going to describe in depth in the next few paragraphs is Intellectual strength. The real definition of Intellectual strength is “the capacity in our lives that enables us to acquire knowledge in a manner that produces wisdom”.

An easier way to describe this is “how” you are smart verses “if” you are smart. I am definitely a kinesthetic learner. I went to Monosory School when I was in preschool and kindergarden and I think that is where I picked up learning best through hands-on activities. I am rarely still and I learn best by doing verses taking notes. I like to study laying down on my bed, listening to music. I make flashcards for everything I do because the constant flipping of the card and seeing the word, as well as writing it out sticks in my head really well.

I am horrible at spelling and ironically that is a trait of a kinesthetic learner. There are 9 different intellectual disciplines including: patience, critical thinking, integrity, curiosity, teachable spirit, persistence, advancement, systematic learning, and courage. I think that I am strong in curiosity and teachable spirit. I like to ask questions and learn knew things about people. I will usually eager to learn things that I didn’t know before. However I am weak on persistence and patience. As I said before, I have trouble sticking with something to see if things will get better.

I tend to quit before I even have time to improve. I could definitely improve on patience because I think a lot of the time it would help me be more relaxed in certain situations. All throughout Elementary school I was on the “Math- Pentathlon” club and enjoyed that a lot. I never was the “nerd” or “geek” who really was that into school but, I have always kept my grades up well throughout high school. I also plan on getting the Honors Diploma when I graduate which is a big accomplishment for me. The next strength I am going to talk about it Psychological Strengths.

The book describes it as “the capacity in our lives that enables us to exercise our will in deciding on courses of action” (Pg. 240). The Myers- Briggs Test is a test that shows you based on your personality what your four letter code is. I am an ENFJ. The (E) stands for Extraversion. This means that I get my energy from being with other people. A lot of times people who are extroverts tend to talk their thoughts out loud. Another trait of an extrovert is that they normally act before they reflect or think. I think that this is very accurate for me. The (N) stands for intuition.

If you are an (N) then you most likely will be able to jump around and start thing in the middle without frustration. Intuition also means that you anticipate the future. I think that this was the only letter that I didn’t exactly agree with 100% because I like order and I tend to want to do things from start to finish. The (F) stands for feeling. Feeling people tend to give priority to relationships in their life and are more understanding. They rely a lot of “personal conviction”. The biggest part to a feeling person is that they deal mainly with the heart when making decisions.

I think that this letter is completely accurate for me. My last letter is (J) for judging. These kind of people prefer to keep their life under control and feel the need for closure. They are often called organized or tidy. I am definitely someone who likes to have my life in control as well as very planned so, I think this fits me perfectly! My temperament from the keirsy website is Idealists. Idealists look for meaning in almost everything that they do. I think that this is very accurate because our two roles are mentoring and advocating and the career is teacher, which is what I want to be.

One a ENFJ’s strengths is that they are very good at developing a plan if it well laid out for them. They also are good at using their creativity to solve problems that may arise. We are good at coming up with things quickly on our feet if need be. A blind spot that an ENFJ might have would be not being a very good listener and interrupting often. We often have trouble with being completely accurate with the truth because we normally tend to exaggerate a lot. I think that these strengths and weakness are very accurate to the way I deal with situations.

I could work on thinking before I speak in order to make sure that the things I say are the “total and complete truth”. I think i I took more time to think then sometimes I wouldn’t exaggerate as much. I could also work on making sure I let someone finish everything they are saying before I jump in and try to figure things out. The last strength I am going to talk about is Spiritual Strengths. Spiritual Strengths are described as “the capacity in our lives that enables us to discern and respond in service to transcendental influences” (Pg. 272).

Motivational gifts are ablities that God gives us when we are born but, Spiritual gifts are things God has given us to use for service to others. My pilot motivation is comforting. This makes sense because in my Myers- Briggs test I was a “feeler” and feelers and comforters are almost identical in there definitions. My proactive motivations were Comforting, Managing, and Helping. My reactive motivations are Proclaiming, Exhorting, Teaching, and Giving. I was very close in a many of the sections so, I think that for me to get the best results I would need to take the test again and be more specific.

My proactive motivations work together well because a lot of the time comforters enjoy looking out for other and like to give extra service and those are the trait of a helper. My other proactive motivation was Managing and this works with the other two because we like to have leadership and a lot of the time comforters/ helpers like to step up and help people out. I think that this IMAGE test matches my Myers-Briggs test incredibly well! Throughout all of these test that I have taken I have definitely learned a lot about myself as well as a lot about my strengths and weaknesses.

When I put all of my test together I have found that i like to be in charge and conflict makes me uncomfortable. I articulate my opinions with tact and many time in tough situations i choose harmony over frank and total honesty. My strengths contribute to the choices in my life because I am good at creating helpful relationships and this helps me to surround myself with positive people who will influence me in a positive way. My strengths contribute to my work as a student because as I said before I am good at following a well- laid out plan so this help me to stay on track and not procrastinate.

Lastly my strengths contribute to my future career because I am planning on being a teacher and one of my strengths is that I impress people with my enthusiasm. This would be very helpful when trying to get a job because working with children will require great enthusiasm. From learning all of this new info about myself I think that either being a teach or an occupational therapist would be a good career path for me. I definitely want to avoid careers that don’t let me have control over things that I am doing. I also want to avoid being alone in a office, I need to interact with people and be social in order for me to enjoy my job.

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