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Stress and Personality Measures

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Darrin is utilizing the defense mechanism of |a. |projection. |c. |sublimation. | |b. |rationalization. |d. |displacement. | 3. After his girlfriend rejects his sexual advances, Elsworth goes to the park and plays the best game of basketball he’s ever played. Elsworth’s sexual energy could have been unconsciously converted to athletic prowess, according to which psychodynamic defense mechanism? |a. |Sublimation |c. |Projection | |b. |Displacement |d. Reaction formation | 4. Five-year-old Tauja says she wants to be a stockbroker just like her mother and marry a man just like her father when she grows up.

A Freudian would say that Tauja is showing evidence of |a. |the Oedipal complex. |c. |striving for superiority. | |b. |the Electra complex. |d. |object relations. | 5. A primary difference between Allport’s secondary and central traits is that |a. |secondary traits are more specific to certain situations. | |b. |central traits control less behavior. | |c. secondary traits are innate, whereas central traits are learned. | |d. |secondary traits compensate for missing central traits. | 6. According to Mischel’s cognitive/affective theory, an individual’s encodings, expectancies, affects, and goals and values are all considered |a.

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Stress and Personality Measures
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|personality traits. | |b. |self-actualizing tendencies. | |c. |mutually-influencing factors of reciprocal determinism. | |d. |cognitive person variables. | 7. Which of the following individuals is most likely to be self-actualized, according to the humanistic approach to personality? |a. Anne, who has internalized many conditions of worth | |b. |Betty, who has a high need for positive regard | |c. |Corey, who is controlled by a deficiency orientation | |d. |Dori, who always displays congruent behaviors |

8. Both the psychodynamic and humanistic theories of personality have been criticized for |a. their psychotherapy techniques, which focus too much attention on childhood experiences. | |b. |concepts that are too vague to be scientific. | |c. |placing too much emphasis on sexual impulses. | |d. |being better at describing personality than at explaining it. | 9. One of the most significant concerns of nonprojective personality measures like the NEO-PI-R and the MMPI is their limitations in regard to |a. |reliability. |c. |cultural factors. | |b. |norms. |d. |scoring results. | 10. Which of the following is true regarding the use of personality measures for employee selection? |a. Large organizations usually give projective personality measures to job applicants. | |b. |Personality measures are often used in the hiring of federal employees. | |c. |Most industrial/organizational psychologists are against using measures to select employees. | |d. |Studies show that personality measures can help businesses reduce thefts. | 11. Which of the following is the best example of a life change or strain? |a. |Amy leaves her car unattended for a moment and returns to find it towed. | |b. |Betsy has trouble sleeping at night because her neighbors always play their stereo loudly. |c. |Carmen has just been fired from her job, and she must find a new one. | |d. |Debbie crashes her motorcycle and is badly injured. | 12. According to Selye’s general adaptation syndrome (GAS), when an organism first appears to be settling in for a long-term battle with a stressor, the __________ stage has been reached. |a. |alarm reaction |c. |resistance | |b. |exhaustion |d. |expiration | 13.

While taking a final exam, Heather becomes anxious as she thinks, “If I fail this exam, I’ll fail the course. If I fail the course, I’ll probably flunk out of school. Then my parents will disown me, and I’ll have to live the rest of my days working at the Quik-E-Mart. ” Heather is displaying the cognitive stress response of |a. |ruminative thinking. |c. |withdrawal syndrome. | |b. |catastrophizing. |d. |cognitive dissonance. | 14. Unlike posttraumatic stress disorder, burnout is the result of |a. |physiological events. |c. |inadequate social support. | |b. |interpersonal conflict. d. |long-term or chronic stress. | 15. Uncle Buck likes to visit your family about twice a year—which is two times too many for you. Which of the following would make the visit most stressful? |a. |Knowing the exact dates that he is arriving and leaving | |b. |Being able to control when he comes to visit | |c. |Thinking of his visits as “fun and helpful” | |d. Knowing that he likes to show up after a big gambling win | 16. In 1921, Lewis Terman began a longitudinal study of gifted children. Recently, data from his research have been examined by health psychologists. The psychologists have concluded that the people who survived the longest were |a. |low on ratings of conscientiousness. |c. |high on ratings of conscientiousness. | |b. |impulsive and spontaneous. |d. |not impulsive or spontaneous. | 17. Jasper, a first year law student, has been attending classes, staying up late reading, and preparing for his semester exams.

With all of these stressors, Jasper is most likely to |a. |experience a decline in immune system functioning. | |b. |be at risk for life threatening illnesses. | |c. |be susceptible to depression. | |d. |be linked to Type A behavior. | 18. Hostility increases the risk of heart disease because the chemicals that are continually released into the bloodstream of hostile individuals |a. |lower their blood pressure. | |b. |cause a build-up of fatty deposits in their arteries. | |c. |weaken their heart tissue. | |d. |cause their hearts to beat faster, which leads to heart failure. 19. Marc is thumbing through your psychology textbook. He notices the chart in the Health, Stress, and Coping chapter that outlines steps to coping with stress. Marc points to it and says, “I need to follow these steps. My exams are really stressing me out. Looks like my first step is to |a. |list steps to be taken to cope with stress. ” | |b. |implement my coping plans. ” | |c. |decide which stressors are changeable and which are not. | |d. |identify the sources and effects of my stress. ” | 20. Jimmy Fallon, the host of a late night talk show, is worried that no one likes his hosting ability. If Jimmy decides to engage in an emotional coping strategy, he’s most likely to |a. |take prescription drugs for his anxiety. | |b. |go to people who he knows value and care for him. | |c. |identify his upsetting thoughts and change them. | |d. |take up meditation. |

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