Stress for Students Essay

Being a student can often be stressful. Balancing many things at once can stress students out. Students often want a social life but have to balance school work; a part time job; and the peer pressure of dating.

Students have many obligations. Many teachers give homework for the students benefit. As teens get older they want to party more, but with all the homework are given they have to choose which one they want to do more.Many teens are getting part time jobs to support their spending habits.

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Stress for Students
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As many of the students balance the tight shifts at their jobs, they still have to do their homework. It may be hard for some students because they may be tired or have no time. This may become a problem for them in the future. As they may want to further their education and get a great job some day.

In today’s society, teens are being peer pressured to date someone of the opposite sex.

As some teens start to date, they start to spend more time with their boyfriend/girlfriend. At that point some teachers may start to see a grade drop in that student”s marks. It may get hard for those teens to decide which one they really want; school or dating.

With the peer pressures of dating, it may be hard for them to choose.Stress is one of the biggest problem student’s face today in society. As teens get older they need to start prioritizing what is most important to them, their social life or grades?

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