Student Action Plan( Shuang Ma)

Ecological integrity is the ability to support and maintain a balanced, integrated, adaptive community of organisms having a species composition, diversity, and functional organization comparable to that of the natural habitat of the region. However, a consensus has not yet emerged as to the definition of ecological integrity. Clearly, human activities result in many environmental changes that enhance some species, ecosystems, and ecological processes, while at the same time causing important damage to others.

The challenge for the concept of ecological integrity is to provide a means of distinguishing between responses that represent improvements in the quality of ecosystems, and those that are degradations. Nature is the material world, especially as surrounding humankind and existing independently of human activities. Our environment refers to the surroundings of an object, or the Natural environment, all living and non-living things that occur naturally on Earth. We use natural resources every day in our life.

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Everything you do from talking, to walking, to sleeping, to breathing, to eating uses natural resources. To me, natural resources I use every day are air, water and foods. These are all renewable resources that we can not live with out it. As a student, I use a lot of papers in school,textbooks, notebook and homework papers. I also have a lot comic books, magazine and novel in my home and we all know that paper is made of trees. I also use petroleum almost every day. I use car to go to places that I want.

Car need gas to run and make electric, but gas get very expensive now days. Because petroleum non-renewable resources, resources that can not recycle. I was wondering if there is no more petroleum, then what can we use to run the car. Humans are the major cause of environmental degradation. Positive and negative things come out of degradation, but most of it is negative. One of the only positive things that come out of degradation is that people have space to make homes. Water and air pollution caused by humans can cause environmental degradation.

We use up our fossil fuels very quickly, and they are not renewable resources, but they do just the environment. Burning coal and causing air pollution is just one example of using up our fossil fuels. When people do not properly dispose of waste they are killing the environment by giving it chemicals it does not need. Many people create groups and organizations to prevent environmental degradation from happening, but it is extremely hard to stop. People have changed the way we look at environmental degradation in the past few years because it has become one of the major concerns in the world.

Environmental degradation is definitely an issue, but we have realized it and are trying to fix it. To use resources impact others, I can buy only non-toxic eco-friendly products that are highly concentrated. One bottle equals 6 bottle of laundry detergent, therefore I am also saving gas the other 5 times I would have gone to the store, and I’m reducing the amount of landfill space my family would have normally produced. A healthy and sustainable lifestyle is the result of smart choices. Smart choices are the result of up-to-date information.

Living Systems is dedicated to empowering its clients to make informed decisions about how they want to live now and what they will leave for future generations. Recognizing that buildings consume about half of all energy in the United States and are, therefore, responsible for nearly half of all greenhouse gas emissions. As energy costs continue to rise, one of the fastest growing industries involves the development of sustainable energy. The future of energy in the United States, and the rest of the world is in clean, renewable, cost-effective energy sources.

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