Student Congress Essay

When I think about this topic I tend to get very heated - Student Congress Essay introduction. Sports are important to me and it’s a shame that there is a possibility that some kids may not be able to play sports while they are in high school. High school sports are important for a couple reasons. Firstly athletes tend to stay connected within the community after graduation. Secondly student athletes take above average classes either advanced, honors, or AP.

And lastly athletes learn important life skills such as composure, leadership, social skills, self-confidence, time management, discipline, and hard work. These are three key points to a teenager’s life. It is important for a high school age kid to learn these essential life roles while doing something fun and active. These students have the opportunity to learn these important. If the student athletes stay more connected within their community then their community is going to be a better place.

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Not only that but that is how younger kids see these “big” kids and start to look up to them as roles models. This then encourages those same little kids to play high school sports and be just like their role models. If they cut sports that little kid will never be able to be like their role model. Secondly if a student athlete is taking above average classes then the student part of student athlete is doing very well.

If a student athlete is able to balance sports and above average classes that is only preparing him for his/her life in college. If I’m not mistaken the whole point of high school is to prepare you for college and life after that. Finally these student athletes learn very important life skills while doing something active and what they love to do. Why not be able to learn these skills while not even thinking about it. You see high school sports play a bigger role then some people think. High school sports are here to STAY!

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