Student Exhibition: Road to the American Revolution

“Student Exhibition: Road to the American Revolution.” November 20, 2007

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Student Exhibition: Road to the American Revolution
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It was a historic event because it reaffirmed the power and authority of the people to control and meet their destiny - Student Exhibition: Road to the American Revolution introduction. If we hark back to the memory of the American and French Revolution, it was because we hark back to that singular moment in history in which we drew forth from the power of our solidarity and used that power to change things for the better.

Just over two centuries since the French Revolution dealt monarchy a death blow – and hope hovers over tragic morass in many nation, states, rich, poor and aspiring alike. Idealism does not help much to prepare them to face the reality of battle. Trained troops have routinely beaten untrained opponents, even though their numerical advantage might have been huge.

The British was the strongest country in the world then while the America was not yet existed, those where the years when the latter don’t have the money and power yet but the former was the king of the world. Americans only had the citizen-soldiers that was badly trained when in fact the British has the strongest army with many officers. They ruled the seas and the Americans don’t even have the navy. Americans would just fight at home because they don’t have ship, shipmen, and supplies to be shifted for the army who were fighting thousand miles away.

Revolutionary forces need to learn fast. The American revolutionary is a good illustration.

What we do with an image and its thought together in the ripeness of time-is what makes history, if only more people would open their minds to what’s possible.

 In Europe, the decay of the feudal monarchy led eventually to the French Revolution. The people revolted against their king and quickly disposed of him.  This revolt against the monarchy spread quickly throughout the continent and parliaments eventually were established everywhere. This transition led, or came with the revolution, which in turn would modernize European society establishing for its people a new awareness and new manner of thinking. It was no secret that the relationship had grown chilly with Jacques Chirac, French president, Nicolas Sarkozy’s predecessor, vehement opposition to the Iraq war. When the New Englanders was upset with British when they lose their freedom to trade in the nearby islands and the cause of the French – Indian dispute had longed to a 7 years war as they are called. Boston Tea Party was the most important event that led to the start of the war between the colonies and the British.  These wars have changed the way of thinking for the colonists.

American and French Revolution remains a barometer of all of the noblest aspirations as a people. An ideal and a hope we should continue to embrace. The American Revolution had a great influence on liberal thought throughout Europe. The struggles and successes of the youthful democracy were much in the minds of those who brought about the French revolution.

The Statue of Liberty in recognition of the friendship established during the American Revolution. They have attained freedom, democracy, and international friendship.

They have gone through revolutions and fought civil wars but some of the other countries when the smoke is cleared, they were not a nation. They may have been victorious over their enemies but disagreements could not be bridge by common goals. Nation building takes son a universal character when universal values are sought by people from different countries. It is a challenge that the refinement of the spirituality and the formation of the character will lead to build a nation that everyone can be proud of and has a future full of hope.


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