Student Gender Differences Essay

In the article, “Student Gender Differences,” the author focuses mainly on mathematics and the way that girls are taught versus how boys are taught. It states that boys are encouraged to explore math and science at an early age through playing with action toys — whereas girls are taught that to express themselves verbally. The example is given that since boys are usually given toys that encourage small motor skills and spatial visualization, they are more able to visualize three-dimensional objects (4).The author states “the strong social messages remain that technology, mathematics, and science are non-traditional arenas for girls.

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Student Gender Differences
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(2)” When the option is available for a girl to choose a math related activity or another un-related one (more than likely) the non-math activity is what she will choose. The author thinks this is in part because of the stereotypical idea that girls only need math for grocery shopping.

Student Gender Differences: Learning Style and Classroom
Behavior. 21 September 2000

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