Student of the Philippine Government

In the beginning of time, when the people of the earth had just inherited the Earth, Bathala had two children - Student of the Philippine Government introduction. His daughter Amihan and his son Habagat. Amihan and Habagat used to play together all the time. They would run and run just above the earth so swiftly that they had caused people trouble in their day to day lives. They did this for a whole year. One day, Amihan complained to her father. “Father, Habagat is so playful and it’s beginning to annoy me.

Can you tell him to stop playing with me? Bathala then answered, “You’re right Amihan. I have noticed that the people haven’t done anything because of your playing activities. The rice paddies were destroyed, the houses blown by the wind, and many more incidents happened the previous year. ” Bathala then decided that Amihanwould play just above the surface during the months of September to June while Habagat can play with his friends above the surface during the months of July to October, and when one is playing above the surface, the other one stays on the Earth.

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The two children agreed with these conditions. When Amihan is playing, the people receive cool air because she just plays with her dolls and do not cause so much damage, but when Habagat is playing with his friends, the Bagyos, the people experience a rainy season. And because Habagat is a very playful boy, he cannot contain his urge to run around, spreading havoc when they play. And that is where the two seasons of the Philippines came from.

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