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Common Challenges Facing Students

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Students all over the world are facing different kinds of difficulties while their studies at university. Reasons for that can be very different from student to student. For example, pressure from parents, problems with financial situation or doing homework etc. For some students college pressure is too high and even unbearable sometimes. Parental pressure is an actual topic for students in all countries all over the world. For the centuries, parents are always trying to do good for their kids and even when it comes to college process.

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Common Challenges Facing Students
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All parents want to see their children as successful men or women in the future, so they usually make their kids choose majors that are thought to be better or more profitable. However, is it a right decision? For instance, in 2006, one 17 years old boy from France became very popular all over the Europe because of his unbelievable talent in drawing. Everyone was waiting for the revolution in the history of arts. However, the father of the young artist, found this profession extremely useless so made him study law.

The consequences shocked everyone; boy killed himself in a dorm. Fees of universities are increasing year by year and as students try to find better universities with higher ranks, they pay more and more money. Unemployment level is so high nowadays that every student is concerned about this issue and his or her future.

Therefore, as the solution, students buy more courses for extra credits, take additional trainings for more certificates and diplomas they can add to their CVs etc. All of these things cost money and in that case students try to find places with high salary where they can work and pay for their education which makes it extremely difficult to study and get better grades. As an example, lots of students at LindenwoodUniversity are doing “Work and Learn” and even some students are going to different cities as Saint Louis to work at weekends or at night after lessons. One of the most difficult things students face in their college life is doing homework. As it was also emphasized in the reading passage, students are trying to get only excellent grades and are not even satisfied with “B” which is thought to be a pretty good grade, actually.

They are attending as much courses as they can and trying to do well in exams, assignments and homework just to get a better grade which they think is going to have a positive effect on themin future. All in all, students have problems with their studies and different pressures following them in their each college year. Unfortunately, it has no sign that it is going to get better.

Due to parents a lot of students do not chose professions they would like to and spend a huge amount of energy and time as they cannot afford their education. However, in spite of a fact that people are facing problems like parental pressure, time and money management and all other difficulties at universities, students still handle all the problems, find solutions and graduate successfully.

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