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Students Employability Essays

THE INDUSTRIAL SUPERVISOR PERCEPTION ON THE UNISEL BUSINESS’ STUDENTS PERFORMANCE DURING INDUSTRIAL TRAINING ERNI TANIUS Faculty of Business, University of Industry Selangor , Bestari Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia [email protected] com, http://management. unisel. edu. my/ernitanius CHE MANISAH BT MOHD KASIM Fakulti Sains Gunaan dan Matematik, University of Industry Selangor , Bestari Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia [email protected] com Abstract

This paper reports the perception of industrial supervisor on the UNISEL business students’ performance during industrial training. They were asked to rate the performance of students in term of interpersonal skills, knowledge and technical skills and soft skills as well the employment opportunity and rate the students’ performance compares to others students from universities. A total of 203 students and 118 organizations participated in the study.

The results show that the students’ performances are highly competent especially in the area of interpersonal skills, such as relations to the colleagues, team work, and honesty. However, there is a sign of lacking in the job related skills include the ability to identify and formulate the job problems, product knowledge, and knowledge of current development related to task/job. The result also shows that employment opportunity is high to medium and they also rated the performance high to equivalent if compare to others students from different university.

It is hope that these results will provide a basis for enhancing and developing effective industrial training practices as well as serve as indicators for improving the performance of Business students’ specifically and UNISEL students’ as generally. Keywords: Industrial Training, Perception, Performance, Interpersonal Skills, knowledge and technical skill, Soft Skills, Employment opportunity.

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