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Students Should Do Volunteer Work

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  • Pages 2
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    Students should do volunteer work All students should do volunteer work at some point in their life. Some might not agree but I think volunteering helps us in many ways, such as to get work experience, to get self satisfaction and also to get a sense of responsibility. Volunteering helps us in getting work experience is because ,for example helping in an elders home will give us the ability to listen to others and give advices on their problems.

    This will be a good experience if you want to work as a counselor one day, as counselors need the ability to listen to people, give advices and make people happy. Student volunteers also get deep sense of self satisfaction and confidence. As a result of a volunteer experience we can help people in what we were good at . For example as I mentioned above because we have the ability to listen to people and give advices. Then we can feel really good about ourselves.

    This will also build up our personality because when we are satisfied with ourselves we can be more relaxed and easy as we feel really good. Student volunteers also get the sense of responsibility through volunteering. This is because when we do something for others we want to do it perfectly. So working with all kinds of people and all sorts of work, we will automatically learn to be responsible. For example if we get to be a leader in a team then again we will learn to be responsible.

    This is because if we are not careful of what we are doing we might end up affecting a lot of people . So we should be careful and more responsible. So to conclude my essay I would say that volunteering work is very good for us as we gain experience, learn something new, and be more responsible in life. The most important outcome we get out of this is self satisfaction and helping the society to change into a better place which is needed s much these days!

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