Study Guide Exam 2 - Part 2 - Management Essay Example

When you enter the tasks, you indent tasks to show the WBS hierarchy - Study Guide Exam 2 introduction. 3. Summarize how you use Project 2010 to assist in time management. How do you enter durations, link tasks, and view critical path information? You enter durations in the duration column. There are several ways to link tasks, such as clicking the icon, enter a predecessor in that column, or using the Gantt chart. You can view critical path information by viewing the network diagram, running the critical tasks report, filtering to show critical tasks, or changing the color of critical task items on the Gantt chart.

4. How can Project 2010 assist you in project cost management? How do you enter fixed costs? How do you enter resources and assign them to tasks? How can you view earned value information? You can enter various types of costs into Project 2010. You can enter fixed costs using the cost table view. There are several ways to assign resources, as described in that section. You can view earned value information by viewing the earned value table 5.


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Briefly describe how to change resource calendars, view resource histograms, and level resources. How can you use the new team planer feature? Change resource calendars: Click the project tab and click the “change work time” button. View resource histograms: Click the “other views” button under the resource views group and click resource graph button Level resources: Click the resource tab and click leveling options How can you use the new team planer feature?

Click the “team planner view” under the view tab 6. Summarize different ways to communicate information with Project 2010. How do you link to other files from within your Project 2010 file? How can you find and use templates? You can insert hyperlinks to other files from within Project 2010. You can use templates to provide a common format for various project documents. You can also convert Project 2010 information into html or download Project 2010 files on the Web.

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