Studying a Group: Tennis Clubs Essay

Studying a Group: Tennis Clubs

Tennis is oftentimes seen as an individual sports activity – however, it does take at least two or more people to actually play the game - Studying a Group: Tennis Clubs Essay introduction. Hobbyist players usually form sports clubs in order to find steady playing partners. Players of all ages are often allowed to join these tennis clubs – even minors with the consent of their parents or guardians.

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Studying a Group: Tennis Clubs Essay
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In order to learn how tennis clubs operate, it would be prudent to get some personal experience by interviewing someone from a tennis club. When studying a particular club, the researcher should familiarize himself with its rules, regulations and statistics. He should take note of the number of members, the times when the club is most active, as well as the availability of facilities during certain times of the day. He should also get acquainted with the club members without actually revealing his identity to the group, especially if it is a small club. Even for larger tennis clubs, it would be wise to know who the regular club-goers are.

In case of non-players, another way to study tennis clubs is to go to a specific club’s website. It is also necessary for non-players to familiarize themselves with the rules and intricacies of the game of tennis. Access to a bookstore or library with an updated section for sports books and sports magazines is also an advantage. Sports magazines are especially useful. There are always lots of insightful articles related to club-based activities. Not all clubs operate in a similar way. Each tennis club has its own set of internal rules and regulations. Some of them even impose special rules for playing the game to identify their club better. Tennis “how-to” books almost always come with a section on finding reliable playing partners. Knowing the demeanor of the persons who frequent certain tennis clubs is always advantageous. The person wishing to study tennis clubs should also get in contact with the organizers of regular club-based tournaments and get statistics on player participation and sponsorship, if any.

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