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Subculture: Brazil vs. America

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The culture I grew into since birth was the Brazilian culture. Soon the world I knew quickly changed when I relocated to the united States at age five, I then fell into the subculture of Brazilian-American. Which Initially seemed Like a drastic change but I am quick on social development so It did not take long for me to grasp the morals of Americans. The subculture of Brazilian-American consists of many Brazilian traditions I still have at home, and when In society I seem to take the role of almost the average American.

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Subculture: Brazil vs. America
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The longer I live in this country the more I am affected by the common ethics practiced here, and it has since evolved into my life at home. Initially I only ate home-cooked Brazilian meals, but now you can often find my meals coming from American restaurants even at home. The American culture has influenced me to behave in an entirely different way. Many people ask in what way have my habits changed.

My explanation is that in life in Brazil is completely different than here. Eating with my hands has become a norm for me, even though it is frowned upon in

Brazil because It Is seem as manners to always eat with silverware. The most noticeable difference Is the sense of security an Individual has in the united States. The government here has a huge sense of control of what Its citizens do on a day to day basis. The government Is very Involved with the lives of the people, and It allows for a sense of security. My subculture Is different from the American culture In the sense that it consists of my family. This subculture of mine is different because we hold different values and we hold a wide span of objectives in order to feel in place.

Brazil in general is a lot more dangerous and free-spirited when it comes to rules. Our family is accustomed to watching out for each other and is supportive. As a Brazilian-American I feel as if I am very alert of my environment and that I am very thankful for the small things in life. I find beauty in nature and other natural things, while many Americans enjoy the robust technology offered here. I have a huge sense of belonging to my subculture because it consists of my family.

The share of belonging that we share as a family Is soccer, traveling, and other physical actively hat allow us to view the beauty in our natural world. We behave In a thankful manner for how far we have come and all that wave endured. The challenges we have overcome makes us thankful for what we have earned as Brazilian-Americans here. The transitioning challenges were the hardest for us to overcome, because we had to leave behind much of our family as well as many traditions in Brazil. Today our family dresses like the average American.

Upon arrival we did dress differently, I considered it rather tacky to how normal people here dress. Brazilian dress to repaper for whatever the weather and Mother Nature has to throw at us, which of course included speeds for some time when we got here. Our territory consists of the homes we have here as well as the areas filled with Brazilian. Orlando and Miami are comfortable locations for us because there are many Brazilian In the area and other Hispanic races we get along with. Subcultures often define group belonging to how one speaks, their dialect. Our dialect mostly consists of speaking Portuguese.

Although our subculture Is very unique It Is not very difficult to become a art of, just simply take into our traditions and enjoy the small things as we do. I can Olsten someone to Delousing In our cultures Day snarling pearl In some AT our Brazilian traditions. These traditions consist of our love of the soccer played by our country, the food (such as home-made pizza on a stone oven), the enjoyment of natures beauty along with the economical benefits of being green (conservative actions such as solar panels or recycling). As a Brazilian you learn to respect your environment, and most importantly the nature.

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