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Substance Abuse: Very Serious Addiction

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Week 9 Final Project assignment Vicki Browning
University of Phoenix/ HCA 250

The subject I choose for my Fianl paper was: Substance Abuse. The reason I choose this subject was because I have had a lot of experience with it. Substance Abuse is a very serious addiction that can happen to anyone. An addiction is any continued involvement with a substance or activity despite its ongoing negative consequences. It is also known as an addictive behavior that initially provides a sense of pleasure or stability that is beyond an individual;s power to achieve other ways.

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Substance Abuse: Very Serious Addiction
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In today’s society, the use of alcohol is very widespread and can be found in most cultures and social classes.

Many individuals begin drinking at an early age for several reasons. This widespread use of alcohol can lead to alcohol abuse in some people. These individuals can become addicted to alcohol and this addition can affect the individual in the workplace. Employee alcohol abuse can cause many problems in the workplace, so companies should consider starting employee assistance programs to control employee alcohol abuse.

Before discussing workplace problems and solutions of alcohol abuse, it is important to learn the psychological factors that influence individuals to begin drinking. “The chief reasons for starting to drink involve social and cultural factors, particularly the expectancies that form from watching other individuals enjoying themselves while drinking (Text, )”. Many young people start because they see their parents and friends doing it. Additionally, many ceremonies and celebrations involve the use of alcohol, showing others alcohol is acceptable and fun. Media also plays a role in a person’s decision to drink alcohol.

Alcohol use is abundant in many television shows and movies. It is almost impossible to watch a television show without seeing a commercial promoting alcohol. Along with these reasons, others begin drinking because of psychological reasons such as, depression, stress, and anxiety. Many of the individuals who drink for these reasons can cause increased problems with their mental health. These people drink to change their mental state because alcohol can temporarily alleviate the feelings of depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, this can cause people to have much worse feelings of depression and anxiety. This can lead some people to drink more to get rid of the increased feelings, causing a vicious cycle of dependency.

Light to moderate social drinkers rarely have issues or problems in the workplace. However, a large number of alcohol abusers do have problems in the workplace. The problems caused by employee alcohol abuse can include tardiness, excessive absences, decreased productivity, on-the-job injuries, theft, and even violence. People may think these problems don’t happen very often, however, “the National Institute in Drug Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, and Alcoholism conservatively estimates that as much as 10 percent of the workforce in American business today suffers from a chemical dependency problem (Hafer, 2000)”. With as staggering as that statistic is, the problem is probably higher today, making it even more important for companies to do something about the problem.

Many companies offer health insurance to their employees, and through this insurance, some offer substance abuse counseling. This can be very useful to the employees to help overcome their dependency on alcohol, but employee assistance programs can be more beneficial to the employee as well as the employer. Employee assistance programs are workplace based programs that help companies address productivity issues by helping employees identify and resolve personal issues affecting their job performance.

“Their goal is to prevent loss of employment and to assure that employed people continue their careers and productivity without interruption. EAPs can thus prevent both employer and the employee from suffering the costly consequences of the employee’s job loss (Roman & Blum, 2002, p. 50).” Employee assistance programs can help employees to control their alcohol abuse by offering them the resources and support to overcome their habit, without losing their jobs and increasing their productivity.

Employee alcohol abuse can cause many problems in the workplace, so
companies should consider starting employee assistance programs to control employee alcohol abuse. Alcohol has been around for ages and people drink for many different reasons. These reasons can be social, cultural, and psychological. In some instances the psychological reasons can lead to dependency and increased mental health issues. Alcohol dependency can cause serious problems for the employee in the workplace.

It is important for companies to try and assist their employees to overcome alcohol abuse for the benefit of the employee and the employer. The introduction of employee assistance programs is a great tool companies can us to help employees with substance abuse issues and at the same time to help keep up productivity and production.

Hafer, F. D. (2000). The Growing Cost of Doing Nothing. Electric Perspectives, 25(1) 36-43. Roman, P. M., & Blum, T. C. (2002). The Workplace and Alcohol Problem Prevention. Alcohol Research & Health, 26(1), 49-57. Sarafino, E. P., Smith, T. W. (2011). Health Psychology: Biopsychosocial Interactions 7Th Ed. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons

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