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Summary of Lawrence Lessig’s “Why Crush Them”



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    As the technological age has approached and developed the definition of creativity has broadly expanded. The editing and reordering of a song or movie is the art of which we call remixing. Lawrence Lessig recognizes remixing as an accessible, forbidden art in his essay “Why Crush Them? ” Unfortunately laws, such as copyright laws, infringe on the creators thought and ability to publicly make their name with this form of art.

    Remixing, as an art, has greatly affected the music and movie industries despite their unpopularity with the law. It creates aspiring movie producers, musicians, film artists, etc. to fuel these monstrous industries. On top of that, it has brought record companies to put a new direction on selling music. By making their products accessible on the internet they have brought more sales through other means. A dilemma has appeared in the art of remixing.

    An original artist wants to protect their work using copyright laws, to ensure their rights to their music. Unintentionally this has hindered the art of remixing. While people at home are spending countless hours at their computers putting together the masterpiece they must understand that they cannot legally put their name on it as a painter would put their signature without paying tens of thousands of dollars.

    For this art to really make a name we need to find a new way to allow remix artists to have easy access to music rights and without the excruciating pain of shelling out thousands of dollars. We have the tools to supply everyone with the ability to remix yet the government takes it away. Its difficult to say if legal rights will ever become available to the general public but for a fact that will not stop people from creating this beautiful art.

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