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Summary of Psycho-Cybernetics

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What is Psycho-Cybernetics? Almost 51 years ago, Dry. Maxwell Malta developed psycho-cybernetics, method for harnessing the subconscious mind, Dry, Malta, as a surgeon found that though he could change his patients’ faces, often they would still feel bad about their appearance for psychological reasons; they were in need of “psychological facilitate. ” Dry. Malta popularized the term “self-image” to describe this inner face. – is the science of self-regulating system (Nobler Whiner 1946) Cybernetics is the study of self-correcting, goal-seeking mechanisms.

Malta said e have what amounts to a “cybernetic mechanism” in our brain.

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Summary of Psycho-Cybernetics
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It only needs a goal and the motivation to take action and it will help you continually correct your course until you achieve the goal. According to Dry. Malta we have a natural ability to achieve our goals (Automatic-Success Mechanism). Generally when people lack confidence it is caused by paying too much attention to the past. To activate the automatic- success mechanism the person would vividly visualize a successful future and encouraging future.

Dry. Malta found he could improve a person’s confidence y helping the individual create a positive and accurate mental image of them. The process is referred to as theatre of the mind, or synthetic experience. To Program your Automatic-success Mechanism, set your goals in a clear, precise and detailed manner, Have a sense of direction. You don’t need to know how to get there -you just have to be clear about your intended destination. Develops an accurate inventory of our current self-image ; Identifies all negative misconceptions that are holding you back and systematically altering your image o better suit your purposes ; use your imagination to reprogram and manage your self-image ; Learn to use your imagination in such a way that it automatically propels you to success ; Learn to use your subconscious mind as a search engine to provide precisely the idea, information, or solution you need for any purpose Dry.

Maxwell Malta created his self-improvement phenomenon, Psycho- Cybernetics, at age 61, as the climax to an already varied, colorful and exceptionally successful career. I [pick] For many years, Dry. Malta had a flourishing practice as a reconstructive and Dir. Maxwell Malta cosmetic facial surgeon. Later still he lectured internationally on his medical specialty, and pursued a I Dual career as a prolific author. Dry.

Malta was inspired to move from treating ” outer scars” to “inner scars” I I I after seeing many patients’ continuing to have feelings of unhappiness, I unworthiness as well as personal insecurities that were not cured from surgery, even though they and Dry. Malta believed they would feel happy when he gave them I perfect new faces they desired. The Dry. Malta first wrote of this discovery in his book New Faces, New Futures. In this groundbreaking book, Dry.

Malta suggested that many people “see themselves” inaccurately, their perceptions distorted by unchallenged and often erroneous beliefs embedded in their subconscious mind. After a decade of counseling hundreds of patients, extensive research on everything from German missile guidance technology (then more advanced than our own) to hypnosis, and testing his evolving “success conditioning techniques” on athletes and salespeople, Dry. Malta published his findings, in 1960, in the original Psycho- Cybernetics book,

Psycho-Cybernetics became an instant bestseller and made Dry. Malta one Of the most in-demand motivational speakers throughout the sass’s and the early sass’s. Dry. Malt? Went on to amass a wealth of “case history” material, seminars, workshops, radio broadcasts, over a dozen books all polyphosphate- Cybernetics to different purposes, from business success to athletic achievement to sex life improvement. Maxwell Malta passed away at age 76, but his legacy LIVES on through the instruction and teachings of Matt Puree, president of the Psyche-Cybernetics Foundation, Inc.

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