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Summary on The Book of the Courtier

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  • Pages 2
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    The Book of the Courtier by Baldassar Castiglione was the book of proper etiquette for men and women from 1528 to the end of the 18th century. This book was found in French, Latin, Spanish, Dutch, English, German, and Polish. This book was written in a dialogue well, four different dialogues, with each dialogue pushing and explaining different “rules” that needed to be fallowed if a person was considered to be high class; these rules were basically held as law to most of the high class citizens of Europe. There are some rules that are able to be paired or grouped together because they either said the same thing or were pointing towards the same major point on how to act; some of these major key points .

    Many of the rules are still kept up in today’s society. The rules that are no longer in place include being born into a wealthy family, do not boast brag, do not spread rumors, do not lead on someone of the opposite sex unless they are of the same social status as you poor or rich, speak in multiple languages French, Italian, and Spanish , be graceful within everything you do, do not do sports ladies, be knowledgeable, make sure that your armor is well kept and taken care of-gentlemen, be able to fight in a tournament and against a range of weapons-gentlemen, and act as if you were a person of the court.

    The amount of rules, like these, that are still in affect are dress for success, treat everyone with respect, be kind, treat your other as if he/she was you if you are in a relationship, be ladylike/gentlemanlike, be courteous, and have friends close by. The three major categories that have been mentioned, respect, leadership, and social image, were the ways that a person with a high ranking of social order would act in public and within their own homes. The Book of The Courtier by Baldassar Castiglione was the base of the modern day books on proper etiquette; yet, the rules are now not only for the rich but also for the .

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