Summer Of The Monkeys Research Paper

Summer Of The Monkeys Essay, Research Paper

The last thing a fourteen-year-old male child expects to happen along an Ozark river underside is a tree full of monkeys. Jay Berry ’ s grandpa had an account, of course-as he did for most things. The monkeys had escaped from a circus, and at that place was a fine-looking wages in the shop for anyone who could catch them. Grandpa said there wasn ’ t any animate being that couldn ’ t be caught someway, and Jay Berry started out believing him.

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But by the terminal of “ the summer of the monkeys, ” Jay Berry Lee had learned a batch more than he of all time bargained for- and non merely about monkeys. He learned about religion, and wished coming true, and cognizing what it is you truly want.

This novel, set in rural Oklahoma around the bend of the century, is a amusing and heartwarming household narrative about a clip and topographic point when miracles were truly the simplest things.

Up until Jay Berry was 14 old ages old, no other male child on Earth could hold been happier. He didn ’ Ts have a concern in the universe. But, merely when things were truly looking good for him, something happened. He got assorted up with a clump of monkeys. Those monkeys all but drove him out of his head. He should hold kept this monkey problem to himself, but he got his grandfather mixed up in it. He even coaxed Rowdy, his old bluish tick hound, into assisting him with his monkey problem.

At the clip, the Lee household was populating in a bran-new state that had merely been opened up for colony. They had moved at that place when Jay Berry was merely two old ages old. He and his twin sister, Daisy, were born in Oklahoma City. He was born healthy, but Daisy came out with here right leg all twisted. She was traveling to be a cripple. The farm they lived on was called Cherokee Nation. It lay in a strip from the foothills of the Ozark Mountains to the Bankss of the Illinois River in northeasterly Oklahoma. That was likely the last topographic point in the universe that anyone would anticipate to happen a clump of monkeys.

During breakfast one forenoon, the Lee household ’ s milk cow, Sally Gooden, ran off. Jay Berry was sent out to look for her. He found the household ’ s milk cow and the monkeys deep in the undersides. He had ne’er seen a monkey anyplace expect in a book. He had no account, nor did his male parent, for the monkeys ’ being. His grandfather and grandmother were populating down in the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, besides. They owned one of those large state shops that had everything in it.

Jay Berry ran to his grandfather ’ s shop and told him about the monkeys down in the undersides. His grandfather explained everything to him, including the wages for the monkeys. About two hebdomads earlier, two work forces stopped by the shop. They belonged to a circus train that was wrecked over on a railway. One of the autos jumped the path and busted broad unfastened. There were some valuable monkeys in that auto, and a batch of them got off. They caught all but about 30 of the monkeys. They were offering a wages of two dollars a piece for all but one of the monkeys. That last one was deserving one hundred dollars. That was a batch of money back so. Jay Berry had ever wanted a twenty-two and a pony. That money was merely plenty.

The last monkey ’ s name was Jimbo and he was a batch bigger than the other monkeys. They were all worth a batch because they had been trained for Acts of the Apostless in a circus. The last monkey was worth a 100 dollars because he was existent smart. The work forces from the circus had said he was about human.

There was a gimmick, nevertheless. The monkeys had to be taken alive with no injury done to them. Jay Berry ’ s grandpa foremost came up with a program to catch them with traps that with the dentitions all padded so it wouldn ’ t injury. Jay Berry tried it out the following forenoon and used apples as come-on. The monkeys were about to fall for the trap, but Jimbo came along and got the apples while avoiding the traps. He knew there were traps because he had been sitting in the trees the whole clip. He was like their leader.

Jay Berry was really defeated and went to acquire a drink at a spring. When he went back to acquire his material, it was gone. He heard the Jimbo chattering and looked up. The monkey was leaping up and down with Jay Berry ’ s sack in his manus. There was nil he could make so he went place and Ate dinner. Then he went back to his grandfather ’ s shop for more advice.

His grandfathers gave him a cyberspace that could open and shut by drawing certain strings. Jay Berry went to kip early that dark, for he had to acquire up before morning the following forenoon. This clip Jay Berry about caught two monkeys. He caught them in the net and was about to go forth when it started raining monkeys. Jimbo blocked their way and kept Jay Berry and Rowdy from go forthing. Bu

T when Jay Berry and Rowdy tried to contend them, the monkeys fought back. While the little monkeys swarmed Jay Berry and Rowdy, Jimbo managed to mouse in and acquire the two monkeys trapped in the net free.

Because the monkeys had bitten Jay Berry and Rowdy so many times, they got ill. They were ill for approximately four yearss. When he was good once more he went back to his grandfather ’ s shop. This clip his grandfather suggested speaking to Jimbo and acquiring the little monkeys to follow along. Jay Berry and Rowdy found them the following twenty-four hours. The monkeys had found some rancid mash and were imbibing it. When Jay Berry arrived, Jimbo and the other monkeys were excessively intoxicated to be scared. Jimbo offered Jay Berry and Rowdy a drink. They tried to decline, but that merely got Jimbo angry, so they had to imbibe it. After a few drinks they fell asleep. When they woke up, they were both rummy. Jimbo had besides stolen Jay Berry ’ s britches. Jay Berry had to walked place half-naked.

When he got home he got in problem for acquiring rummy. Both he and Rowdy were ill once more. He went to see his grandfather once more, but this clip he was out of thoughts. They were traveling to hold to travel to the library in town. At the library, his grandfather found the right book. It told them that all monkeys loved coconuts. His grandfather bought half a bushel. On there manner back to the farm, they stopped by the same spring Jay Berry lost his things. While they were acquiring a drink, the monkeys stole the coconuts. But they left behind the things they had stolen from Jay Berry before.

Jay Berry had about forgotten about the monkeys, but so a freak storm hit the undersides. Jay Berry could merely believe about the monkeys. If they drown in the storm, he wouldn ’ t acquire the wages money. If he didn ’ t acquire the wages money, so he wouldn ’ t acquire his gun or pony. So when the storm blew over, he and Rowdy went out in hunt of the monkeys. At first, they couldn ’ t happen a hint of them anyplace, but so they heard a low groan. Rowdy traced the sound to the riversides. Jay Berry looked in and saw Jimbo with his weaponries wrapped around some little monkeys. The others were all cuddled together seeking to remain warm. Some even looked like they were close to decease.

He pulled them all out into the Sun and Rowdy licked most of them dry. He got Jimbo to follow him to his house. The remainder of the monkeys followed in line. It was if the monkeys had wanted to be caught. He made them a bed out of hay in the corncrib. His female parent brought them a batch of warm milk to imbibe. The monkeys slept for the following two yearss. While they were asleep, Jay Berry visited his grandfather ’ s shop and told him everything. His grandfather sent a wire to the two work forces from the circus and they came to the Lee household ’ s farm the following twenty-four hours.

They took the monkeys off in a truck and gave Jay Berry his one hundred and 56 dollars. He gave six dollars to his sister, Daisy. Then he ran to his grandfather ’ s store to acquire his pony. His grandfather had two Equus caballuss, a roan gelding and a pigment female horse. The roan was a strong and muscular male. The pigment was a sleek female. When Jay Berry and Rowdy foremost saw them, they went right for the pigment, but so they found out she was a cripple. After a long piece, Jay Berry decided to take the pigment anyways. His grandfather had said the pigment would be every bit good as new in a few hebdomads. She cost him 75 dollars.

But when he was right in forepart of the house, he looked at the pigment ’ s leg and realized he had made a large error. He remembered Daisy ’ s stultify leg and took the Equus caballus back to his grandfather. That dark Jay Berry, his grandparents, and his parents set all their money together. His parents and grandparents had been salvaging up money to repair Daisy ’ s leg for a long clip. Jay Berry ’ s grandparents and female parent, along with Daisy, went to Oklahoma City. They were at that place for six hebdomads. During that clip, Jay Berry and his male parent had to run the barn and his grandfather ’ s shop.

Then one twenty-four hours they got a missive stating Daisy and Jay Berry ’ s mother would be coming in on the afternoon train. Jay Berry, Rowdy, and his dad met them at that place. When Daisy got off the train, he leg was directly. You couldn ’ t even state which leg was twisted before the operation. They hugged and kissed so got on their waggon and went place. When they got to the forepart of the house, they saw grandfather standing in forepart of the corncrib with keeping the reins to the pigment female horse that Jay Berry had wanted. He gave the Equus caballus to Jay Berry and Daisy gave him a trade name new twenty-two. She got it while she was in Oklahoma City. In a few hebdomads, Jay Berry was siting his pony through the hills and down in the undersides.

I thought this was a good book. I would urge this book. I liked it.

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