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Superman vs. Christ

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“Faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than a locomotive, jumps tall buildings in a single bound.” Superman is known throughout the world for being the savior of a city called Metropolis. In every comic book, movie, or action figure ever presented to the public, Superman is a handsome, strong man who can defeat all odds at all times. The movie Superman was a success, showing how the superhero saved lives and yet lived a humble life. As one watches the movie, though, he might notice the many similarities between the plot of the movie and the story of Christ’s coming.

Superman, savior of the city Metropolis, mirrors the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ.

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Superman vs. Christ
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Throughout the movie Superman, the names and the actions of the characters were similar to those of the Holy Bible. Two of the major name references to the biblical version deal with Superman (Kah-lel) and his father, Jor-el. In the Greek language, the name Jor-el means “God,” while the name Kah-lel means “Little God.

” Another instance where the name game is played is in the case of Superman’s parents, Martha and John. It does not seem as if there is any other way to make these names be closer to Mary and Joseph, who are the parents of Christ. Zod and Ursula are two other characters present in the movie whose names may not be similar to those in the Bible, but represent the devil and all that is considered evil. These are some of the examples of how the use of names plays an important role in linking Superman the movie to the coming of Christ.

At many times throughout the movie, actions done by the main characters were done along the same lines as the story of Christ’s coming, if not identical as the Bible’s version. At the beginning of the movie, it shows three people standing on trial and a vote that was to be decided by Jor-el. Zod, who was one of two men on trial, told Jor-el to let him go and that he would let Jor-el have reign over the new world, which is also said when the devil is speaking to God and trying to keep himself out of what was to become Hell. One of the strongest points in the movie that showed itself to be on the same path as Christ’s coming was when Jor-el said “the father in the son, and the son in the father,” before he was to send Kah-lel off into the universe towards Earth. Another moment was when Kah-lel throws the crystal and his father appears to tell his son that he is pleased with him and that he should now start his ministry after roaming the wilderness for the past twelve years. Not only does this scene in the movie agree with the Bible’s story of Christ’s twelve lost years, but it also is similar to when Christ was baptized by John. When Christ’s baptism took place in the river Jordan, a voice from Heaven came down upon the crowd and said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” From the beginning to end of the movie, there are times in which Superman looked to be modeled after the story of Christ’s coming. While the names and the actions matched up for both stories, there were also cases where an object’s appearance alone made the viewer feel as if he were watching a film of a biblical story. As most people would probably picture the planet of Krypton some sort of a green color, the movie depicted it white, much like Heaven. Also, on this planet Krypton, the people were pictured in long white robes with literally clouds at their feet throughout the first part of the movie. The spaceship that Jor-el sent Kah-lel in played a role in more than one way. When shown flying down from the exploding planet of Krypton, the spaceship looks as if it is a star, similar to the star of Bethlehem when Christ was born. Then, when the spaceship lands out in the open fields, it is open and the child is lying in it as if it were the manger in which Christ was born. Another part in the movie that seems to be a reference to Christ’s coming is when Jor-el is talking to Kah-lel and is depicted in a glowing light that reminds one of a god. The Holy Bible’s story of Christ’s coming looks to have strongly influenced the movie Superman in every way possible.

The story of how Superman was brought onto the Earth is almost identical to the story of Christ’s coming to the world. Both were received onto this planet in strange fashions; both were performers of miracles and saviors in their own way. Superman was an incredible character in all aspects, much like a modern day form of Christ. The main difference between Superman and Christ, though, is the way they are presented. Superman is a strong, hulking hero while Christ is normally pictured as an average person. In his human form, Christ may not have been faster than a speeding bullet or stronger than a locomotive, but will always remain a super man of all time.

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