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Support care plan Essay

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OUTCOME 1: BE ABLE TO PREPARE TO IMPLEMENT CARE PLAN ACTIVITIES 1.1 Identify sources of information about the individual and specific care plan activities Having a holistic approach will allow us to know better our service user and so, support him in the best way accordingly with his wishes. By actively involving the service user we may obtain most of his relevant information such as health state, employment, level of education, his social context and circumstances and his religious and cultural background. Accounting with service user provider permission we may obtain more information contacting his relatives.

Other way to get information is contacting service user’s friends, neighbours and previous care providers (always keeping the rules of confidentiality and the legal restrictions as to how information may be passed on). 1.2 Establish the individual’s preferences about carrying out care plan activities Assessment and planning cycle:

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Support care plan
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Asking the service user about his needs and desired outcomes, the way he wants to be supported and the service he wants to receive.

And for service provider we must to bear in mind service user background and unique characteristics to be able to bring the best support in order to meet his needs and personal goals. OUTCOME 4 BE ABLE TO CONTRIBUTE TO REVIEWING ACTIVITIES IN THE CARE PLAN 4.1 Describe own role and roles of others in reviewing care plan activities. My role is to support the individual to meet his own goals following the action plan the service user created and monitoring his development, encouraging him and promoting his self- esteem and confidence in order to support him meeting his goals by following routines and advancing a little bit at a time during his daily life; reporting; giving feedback and preparing paperwork for the reviews; contacting social worker, CMHT, CPN, GP, or family member, supervisors and mates when necessary to ensure the resident is receiving the best of the service he needs and keeping stable as far as we can his physical and mental health. A review will gather together all the information about the circumstances of the person, the service provided and the service provider. It will give all those concerned with the care of the person the opportunity to express their opinions and to be involved in a discussion about how effective care provision has been and the changes, if any, which need to be made.

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