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Concept of God’s Omniscience and God’s Extraordinary Generosity



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    The principle idea found in Sura 2 is not only the notion of God’s omniscience (the fact that he is all knowing), but also the idea of God’s extreme munificence (his giving spirit). The text also stresses two major attitudes found in people; those who are believers (or one’s who trust and serve God) and those who are non-believers (those who doubt God, either openly or in their hearts). Finally, Sura 2 the tells of practices one must perform to show his faith in God and generally how you must go about living your life.

    The text opens by saying, “This Book is not to be doubted”, that is to say, God’s authority must not be challenged. It says that God is the only “God” and to worship anther or doubt God in any way would bring about “stern retribution”. The text provoked fear by saying that just as God had created the world, he could and would (without hesitation) send someone to a life of hell. However the Koran is quick to point out that only those who doubt God would ever receive this treatment (and even those people he would forgive if they truly believe in him). To all others it is said that he gives “abundantly” and is “forgiving and lenient”. God is also described throughout Sura 2 as “having knowledge of all things”, and as being “aware of whatever you do”. There can be no questioning his power and no way of hiding your true thoughts from him.

    Also described are two major attitudes among the people, believers and non-believers. Believers are those people who exemplify the same characteristics that are found in God, they are charitable, honest, caring, etc. More importantly though, is the fact that they are righteous in the eyes of God because they fear, worship and give thanks to him. Non-believers are described as being, “deaf, dumb, and blind” and it is said that they know nothing. They are the ones who suppress parts of the Holy Scriptures and kill God’s apostles. On the day of reckoning God will not forgive these people, their will only be a “woeful punishment” for them.

    Sura 2 sets up what seems to be laws or perhaps the proper way to show your appreciation for God. It approves of fighting only in retaliation or in the defiance of God’s name. It also deals with issues like marriage, divorce, drinking, and gambling. With regards to prayer and worship the text is very precise about the dates and duration a person should take a pilgrimage or fast.

    One thing that was very noticeable to was the seeming omitcion of the idea of God’s omnipotence. On numerous occasions there was mention of God’s supreme knowledge, but I was hard pressed to find any occasion where his power was referred to.


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