Survival Skill for Teachers in Their Jobs Essay

Looking at teachers from my point of view - Survival Skill for Teachers in Their Jobs Essay introduction. When I look at the teacher survival skill video, I realized that teachers have to work hard just to survive as a teacher for the first year. The first year can be a challenge for the teachers and the students. There are five suggestions that a first time teacher should know and do in their first time year: First, get organized, organization is an important survival skill because without it, a teacher work would be total chaos.

In my opinion, all teachers must be organized in order to have a productive classroom. For example a teacher should prepare today for tomorrow. Be ready at the end of the day for the next day. (Survival skill video) I feel that organization skills would result in more time for instruction and less frustration for students and teachers. From the first day being organized they should also have classroom management skills. My stand view of classroom management gives the room a positive learning environment.

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Survival Skill for Teachers in Their Jobs
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You decide who is in charge and set rules that you and students agree to. (video) Being a teacher can be a difficult task when you don’t know your student. As the video states, know your students as individuals. Set goals around the student. The more you know about the students the easy the lesson planning will be and the more they want to learn. During a teacher interaction within the class they should give the students time to speak. Makes the class feel less stressed.

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