Sustainable Solid Waste Management and Sanitation Essay

Social Impact & Innovation
Trou du Nord center has about 2000 people and 400 houses and has no waste collection system Solid waste accumulation out of control - Sustainable Solid Waste Management and Sanitation Essay introduction. Very low average level of education/awareness. Newness of non-recyclable materials. Absence of public or private services.

Social impact
Since 1990 when the government became unstable, there is not too much concern about solid waste management. People started to put anywhere their waste and this become a daily activity and no one tried to stop that. Add the Dominican products mostly foods that enter the Haitian market there is any measure that control the increasing of the volume of garbage. This situation became worse after Haiti experienced an earthquake on January 12, 2010 and most of people left the Capital to establish in the small town, as a result, hundreds of thousands of residents of Port-au-Prince and the surrounding areas have migrated to this municipality. Therefore, there is currently a significant increase in population. This increase in population is the main factor of the augmentation of solid waste” because when they make garbage and they don’t really have a place to throw away their garbage and they throw them anywhere most of the time in the corner of the streets and drainage canal, that increasing the volume of waste. The implementation of this project will help approximately 1000 residents and households Sanitation ( Restrooms will help, Landfill rebuilt will help, and education will help) Health all these improvement will reduce cholera risks, and other diseases that unsanitary problem can cause. Town enhance Reputation could draw people and jobs

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Could draw capital investment for more jobs.
Improve sanitation in Trou-du-Nord will help people in town with health and economics. Integration of Missions
In order to protect public health, keep the environment clean and safe at
Trou-du-Nord. This project will help people to understand the environmental and health issues associated with wastes; develop an awareness of the causes-effect relationship of waste on the environment. Waste Management Plan through environmental education program will provide to overcome the issues by applying recycle, compost, and biodigester as sustainable solutions. Innovative Service or Product

This approach is innovative in my town Trou-du-Nord. Recycling has not been done. Solid waste collection is only at 13%. There no sewage system for the collection of human waste. The use of education and self-help has not been tried in this town. The capital city has recycling program that we could take care our recycle products too, but there is no organization for that in my area. The national government does not have help for towns. If Trou-du-Nord does this it could be a model for other towns. Yes we could do this on the small scale of my town Trou-du-Nord. People know it is needed

Ignorance of way of management by the population
Local government wants to do but no money
Strategic Plan
– Opening event at the Trou-du-Nord park soccer to make the population aware about what’s going and introducing the project more than 500 people are expected. -Education program (Trou-du-Nord School) through Information technology by using visual aids of various media, hands-on activities, games, and take -home materials to help students enjoy and retain what they have learned. Use these tools will also adapt with the innovation of Information Technology for this people in this municipality. I believe that through education there is more possibility to realize something and make it sustainable. that’s the reason why I am going to set up recycle program in 3 schools in this municipality, also residents, business and farmers about advantages/disadvantages of various solid waste management practices on the environment, teach them about the health impact and environmental damage causing by improper solid waste practices. The main focus of this environmental education will be to give them instructions how they should use waste, teach them about recycle system and specially the farmers about how they can use, compost organic fertilizer from food waste, vegetables waste, and other materials such as paper which is a natural way to reduce waste, instead of throwing them in the landfill that can help the agricultural system and decrease the volume of waste in this community. The more they know about the effects of waste on their health and on the environment the more they will care about the ways they manage waste that’s why it is important to educate them. Provide training for educator to share with their students

– Publicity on radio, television
– Distribution of bins and plastic bags to residents, schools, churches, and other public area. (Such as place bin to public market, bus station etc.) – Work with the local government to provide assistance by picking up trash from residents, schools, and other site to the collection site, and reinforce the laws. – Work with companies that are involving in recycling activities and sell them the recycle trash collected. – Construction of 3 public restrooms to help who doesn’t have a safe place (such as homeless) fee will apply to people who want to use them in difficult situation. – Work with organizations of youth people, including my association to help by doing volunteer work to manage waste by creating activities like sweeping, and separate recycle, composting, and trash from garbage that people mix. – Create a committee of volunteer provide them training for to share with others Organize activities by asking students, other youth association and people who willing to give their time to clean up the river and other drainage canal filled with waste execution by volunteers.

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