Sustainable Transport Leicester

Chosen city: Leicester
– Current problems
– Research
– Explain using Microsoft Word

-Research current forms of transport
-Research future projections/ideas for sustainable transport -Your own opinion

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The world is becoming increasing populated and cities are beginning to grow at a very fast rate. Governments will need to come up with a suitable transport plan for the citizens. More people will result in more transport and the majority of people travel by car, this poses two problems – road congestion and pollution.

Current Transport Problems in Leicester:

Leicester has increasing problems with congestion in central parts of the city and rising pollution rates but the main concern is public transport overall. A survey carried out for company bosses said that a third of the employees said that they find it hard to park in the city centre and in the county. Another 30% said it was down to lack of public transport information the in the area. Ian Borley, LBV chairman and senior partner at KPMG, in Leicester, said “findings showed transport problems in the city and county were not just caused by congestion. There also needs to be more done to provide businesses with public transport information and things like busses and park and ride provided for longer hours.

Another issue with transport in Leicester is quality of public transport for example badly cleaned buses and lack of seats on at the stations.

Current Forms of Transport in Leicester:

Leicester is developing city and transport is key to sustain their future. At the moment Leicester has a lot of transport which includes:
• Cars
• Buses
• Railway
• Walking
• Motorbike
• Coaches
• Bikes
• Airplane

Future Projections/Ideas for Sustainable Transport in Leicester:

Overall Leicester’s local plans provide a policy framework for transport issues which meets the following aims: • To promote integrated transport strategy with the aim of reducing people using personal cars and to seek public transport services in the interests of encouraging sustainable development. • To support the Governments proposed motorway and trunk road improvements. • To provide for the management of traffic and extension of traffic calming measures in the interests in particular of pedestrians and cyclists.

• To encourage in new development measures to improve bus penetration and provision for cyclists and pedestrians to broaden transport choice and reduce dependency on the private car. • To safeguard opportunities for the development of rail transport. • To introduce positive measures for the promotion of public transport, walking and cycling. • To manage traffic in the interests of improving the quality of the environment. • To secure adequate provision for car parking and servicing.

Leicester city council is hoping to improve the quality of local bus service throughout urban and rural areas. They arrived at this conclusion as the latest public bus service shows people aren’t impressed with the bus service. They also want to cut down on the number of people using cars in the future estimating it will pollute the city badly also adding a lot of congestion. By improving local bus services significantly they hope this will reduce the number of cars and more people using buses. This will mean there will be less pollution and congestion in the future. People normally travel in a car with averagely two people in that car, imagine if 50% of the cars were of the road and all of those people using buses which can averagely hold 70 people. That means there should be no congestion and
pollution should decrease significantly. This what Leicester city council hop to propose for the future.

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