SWOT analysis, McDonalds Essay

1 - SWOT analysis, McDonalds Essay introduction. McDonalds restaurants are set up in areas that are highly populated and aren’t out of the way from most people, most restaurants are near shopping centres and schools. 2. McDonalds staff members are given 3 minutes from when the customer first walks into the store and for their order to be taking, 20 seconds for money to be taken and change given, another one minute for food to be prepared and given out. 3. Product from McDonalds is quite reasonably priced, also with their ‘euro saver menu’ that is great for students and customers on a low budget. 4. The standard in McDonalds is high, we know this because customers have always come back. The quality of product in McDonalds is very important, most product has a holding time of 10 minutes, product over this time will be thrown out. 5. All staff in McDonalds are highly trained to give you the best service possible during your visit. 6. McDonald’s is the largest fast food restaurant chain in terms of total world sales (8%), they serve over 69 million customers in 119 countries daily. 7. McDonalds successfully targets young children through offering playgrounds, toys with its happy meals.

1. McDonald’s is very criticized for offering unhealthy food to its customers, being a big cause of obesity and strong marketing focused on very young children. 2. The McDonalds menu is a big weakness for McDonalds, although they try to overcome this by their Salad Menu and healthy wraps. 3. The employee turnover is quite large, having at least 60 staff in the smallest stores, this brings training cost up and overall cost to McDonalds too. 4. In highly populated areas there are a lot more fast food restaurants, some much healthier options too.

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1. McDonalds could bring new markets into their stores, a much healthier menu could bring a much better face to the business. 2. A home delivery service would be quite successful for McDonalds or it could be a great waste of money, if food is not warm and presentable customers would not use this service. Threats

1. Other fast food chains are a threat to McDonalds, although they are not a big threat due to McDonalds being a household name and a very welcoming environment. 2. Lawsuits are expensive as they require time and money.

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