Adult education Topics

Adult years Essay

            The article entitled, Clinical Psychology and Aging, by Margaret Gatz, has two major parts.  The first part focuses on an illustration of the clinical problems with the goal of applying any available information on these problems and the second part focuses on the field of clinical psychology and...

Reflective Journal Essay

Why Use the Journaling Process?
Journaling in its various forms is a means for recording personal thoughts, daily experiences, and evolving insights. The process often evokes conversations with self, another person, or even an imagined other person. Add the advantage available in most journaling formats of...

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Adult education
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Speech outline format Essay

Topic: Challenges for College Students
A. Attention material/Credibility Material: Do you ever sit in class and look at your fellow students thinking “Man, they must have it made”. B. Tie to the audience: As college students, any of you may be able to identify with the particular challenges...

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