Autumn Topics

The Heart Of Autumn Essay

The way the leaves swayed in today's autumn atmosphere was random. So was the arrangement of the crusted leaves on the grey ground that made up most of Amsterdam. The little rain drops dripped and dropped into random parts of the ground, at random times, oh so very slowly. Everything in nature was so...

Autumn Original Writing Essay

When I open the kaleidoscope of my memory, most of the images I can see are about autumn. In that picture, there is a path through the woods which is covered by cyan cobbles. Maples are planted along the cobbled path. The maple leaves are extremely red, just like a glowing fire. They rustle as the breeze...

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The Autumn of the Multitaskers Essay

The Autumn of the Multitaskers
According to Walter Kirn, the writer of the article, multitasking is dumbing the people down and driving them crazy. It has cost their lives and made a lot of changes in how they lived it. The start of all this madness was the influence of technology in the society. Its...

Autumn and spring Essay

Exquisite is the beauty that is found in the seasons of Autumn and Spring. There are also the distinctions which allow each season to stand on its own. Autumn is an extremely colorful, cooler, season and, leaves from various trees change from beautiful shades of green to warm, welcoming shades of yellow....

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