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Computer program Topics

Global Financial Corporation Essay

Global Financial Corporation (GF) offers financing services for customers purchasing heavy construction equipment from its parent company Global Equipment Company (GEC). GF’s Bakersfield, California office is setup to process the loan applications for the western United States. A recently appointed Vice...

Compare and Contrast Assessment and Evaluation Essay

Chapter 15, states, “Adult and continuing education have use the terms assessment and evaluation interchangeably”; however, assessment and evaluation are two separate concepts. According to Angelo, Cross-, and Moran assessment within the classroom, refers specifically to the collection of information to...

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Computer program
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Array Structure Proposal Essay

Advanced Eyecare is an optometrist office that is looking to implement an appointment notification program. This program will allow the optometrist office to automatically notify the patients of upcoming appointments through a telephone call. This paper will describe the array structure needed in...

Steps in a Research Process Essay

Steps in a Research Process
There are many models available and taught concerning how to conduct a research process. Therefore, the process presented here is only one of many; however, it is a tried and proven process. Step 1: Decide on a topic (more…)...

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