Constantinople Topic

Hagia Sophia

In this paper I will be writing about the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey. It will include the beautiful location, the hardships of the building itself plus more. I will also be trying to identify the purposes from which the Hagia Sophia was created but by looking at it as a piece of art not just as a...

The Third Rome

In monk filofei’s letter to Grand Prince, he mentions the rise of Moscow as the third Rome. Moscow rises as the third Rome due to the merging of all the other orthodox Christian churches to join Grand Prince a well-respected ruler of Moscow who acts as the administrator of all the holy churches of God. In...

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Gunpowder Empires

You might have heard of gun powder, but do you know who invented it and when it was created. It was first created by the Chinese during the tang dynasty. This particular dynasty was active in the 18th century. Gunpowder contains 3 important ingredients: sulfur, saltpeter, and charcoal. Ironically today we...

Han Dynasty vs Rome Empire

The dawn of a new era in history was marked by the creation of empires. Their impact on the world has not left civilizations today, considering how all modern empires are modeled and compared to the first ones: Rome and Han. Both of these empires were the culmination of the ideas brought forth in the...

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