Event planning Topics

SWOT analysis for an event planning business Essay

This paper will discuss a SWOT analysis for an event planning business. The analysis will discuss economic, legal and regulatory issues and trends in the particular state for the business. The paper discusses how to critique the business to adapt to change. The supply chain and the organization of the...

Risk Assessment in Event Planning Essay

In modern economies, many different types of events are organised and event planning has turned into a profit-driven industry. Over the last 20 years, the events industry has continued to expand. Thanks to structural changes in such economies, there have been increases in leisure time and disposable income,...

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Event planning
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Strategic Event Planning in the Festival Industry Essay

1. 0. Introduction According to Bladen et al. (2012:3), events are temporary, they reunite people, they can occur on a regular basis, but each of them are unique. Event Job Search (2012) adds that an event can be defined as a situation where a company presents itself directly to its targeted audience....

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