Gasoline Topics

Everyone’s Gasoline Problem Essay

Question 1: Everyone's Gasoline Problem. We are all familiar with fluctuating prices of gasoline at the pump. Why does this happen? Research the recent history of gasoline prices in your area, and attempt to relate any fluctuations you observe to documented supply and demand factors, as outlined in our book....

Great Lakes: Great Decision Essay

Great Lakes was originally founded in the 1930’s as a gas exploration company. It was originally called McClanahan Oil Company. The company bought Great Lakes Chemical Corporation in 1948. Discovering large bromine deposits in Arkansas, the company climbed to the top of the bromine business. The company...

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Gas Prices Essay

Today, gas price as a national average have risen to 2. 1 dollars per gallon. This is the highest gas price increase since 1990, during operation desert storm. What is the cause of this drastic increase in gas prices? Limited supply of crude oil from the Middle East some say. Others think the cause is high...

A Letter to My Dear Friend Essay

Hello Friend, I have decided to write a letter to you about drinking, which I didn’t think I would have to do. Anyway let’s start. Drinking is very dangerous if you consume a lot. You can have liver damage, brain damage and many other problems that will eventually lead to death. When you drink you could get...

Questionnaire for Customer in Petrol Station Essay

Have you previously visited this petrol station or is this your first visit? (Pernahkah anda dating ke stesen minyak ini atau ini yang pertama kali? ) First time visit (Kali pertama) Second time visit (Kali kedua) Numerous visit (Beberapa kali) Not sure (Tidak pasti) Do you become the regular customer for...

External Costs from Pollution Essay

Ozone pollution, more commonly known as smog, is one of our most persistent environmental problems, Smog results from the mixing of several pollutants, including nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and volatile organic compounds. Smog causes health problems, triggering asthma attacks in the 15 million people in...

Hybrid Cars Essay

Hybrid cars are the transportation of the future. Humans have been driving around since the 1880’s. They started off as simple, one-cylinder machines, to today, where they are twelve cylinder animals. From fuel-efficient coupes, to gas guzzling SUVs, or even the ultra expensive supercars, all use gasoline....

7 ways to reduce air pollution Essay

7 Ways to Reduce Air Pollution
Step 1: Understand Where Air Pollution Comes From
According to the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are six major causes of air pollution in the United States. These are ground-level ozone, particulate matter, lead, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and...

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