Human Geography Topics

Urban Transport in Wigan Essay

In most cities in Britain, the speed of modern traffic is often slower than the horse drawn trams of the nineteenth century. Traffic in London now averages a speed of thirteen kilometres per hour. In the ironically named 'rush hour', thousands of frustrated drivers sit in stationary cars, drive a few metres...

To what extent does Wolverhampton fit the Burgess Model? Essay

The most common length of time a person had been staying in the area was 6-10 years. I think the differences between Chapel Ash, Merryhill and Tettenhall is to do with the housing prices and the facilities in that area like local shops and businesses. The results from the questionnaire showed people were...

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Human Geography
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How and why does Winchester change as you move from the rural urban fringe to the city centre? Essay

There are three main aims to this project, which I will answer using a number of different data collection methods in and around Winchester.* How and why does Winchester change as you move from the rural urban fringe to the city centre?* How and where will Winchester change in the future?* What will be the...

Is it possible to delimit the CBD? Essay

The aim of this project is to delimit the CBD of Hitchen. The CBD is the central business district of a town in which are found most of the offices and shops. The group that aimed to find the borders of the town was a group of STAGS School pupils. This group collected the Data and in this booklet is...

Should Plymouth’s Shopping Centre Be Improved Or Modernised In Any Way? Essay

As we all know our world and it's cities are all changing rapidly and becoming newer, larger and more modernised to the time we are now living in. In this investigation I am looking at and trying to find out whether or not it's time for Plymouth's shopping centre to be improved or modernised in any way to...

AP Human Geography Religion Notes Essay

Religion Unit Essay Notes
1. Secularism began to arise with the seperation of church and state in Europe.
A. Why is this so? (Deblij 207, 222-224)
Secularism is the indifference to or rejection of formal religion. The most secular countries today are in Europe. Secularism has become more widespread during...

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