Louis XIV of France Topics

Events That Happened in My Birthday Essay

I was born on November 4th of 1995. Peru was having some events that had many consequences in our country. Terrorism was a big problem in Peru that affected our economy, and human rights. If terrorism hadn’t been in those years, many Peruvians wouldn’t have died. Since terrorism existed in Peru many abuses...

In His Steps Essay

Louis X1V was not pleased with his home the Louvre. So the king set out to find land that is more suitable for him one that would blow all of the other mansions or palaces out of the water. He decided to move into Versailles, a beautiful country home away from the away from the city of Paris on a remote...

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Louis XIV of France
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King Louis XIV Essay

Louis XIV was born September 5, 1638 to his parents Louis XIII and Anne of Austria. He was their first child after twenty-two years of marriage. His brother, Philippe, was born in 1640. His parents did not have a happy marriage as they were chosen for each other and the King’s duties often kept them apart....

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