Macroeconomics Topics

John Maynard Keynes Social Theory Essay

Although much of his ideas were often misunderstood throughout his life, Keynes offered bright new insights into the nature and origin of financial theories. In his most well known writings, The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money, which was published in 1936, Keynes worked to break down the...

Effects of Crowding Out Essay

When governments run budget deficits in order to stimulate an economy and reduce unemployment, there is a potential problem known as “crowding out”. to run a budget deficit, the government has to borrow money. this is done by selling government bonds, including treasury bills or treasury bonds. these are...

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Macroeconomics case Essay

1. Introduction
         This paper uses the automotive industry as subject of study in determining the effects of the economic indicators to an industry.  Taking off from a brief history of the automotive industry and followed by an industry overview, this paper will also prepare a SWOTT analysis of the...

Macroeconomic Analysis: U.S. Housing Industry Essay

Macroeconomic Analysis: U.S. Housing Industry
Article Summary
            For the past years, the housing market continuous to perform badly and even home builders expects no improvement on the performance of the said industry for the next coming year based from the recent data that they collected....

Welcome to Macroeconomics Multiple Choice Questions Essay

Welcome to Macroeconomics Multiple Choice Questions!



Please choose the best answer for each of the total of 178 multiple choice questions. You are only required to highlight or underline the best answer for each question. No explanation work is necessary. However, you may not answer...

Micro Wk10: Macroeconomic Readings Essay

Micro Wk10: Macroeconomic Readings

The systematic field of economic is designed towards the pursuit of studying the broad and complex relationship between the field of needs and wants and the available resources in the environment towards the sufficient survival and development of the society. Included in...

Argentina’s Bold Currency Experiment and Its Demise Essay

Argentina, once the world’s seventh-largest economy, has long been considered one of Latin America’s worst basket cases. Starting with Juan Peron, who was first elected president in 1946, and for decades after, profligate government spending financed by a compliant central bank that printed money to cover...

Macroeconomics Industry Paper Essay



Macroeconomics Industry Paper


A lot of market analysts and economists say that the US economy is already approaching its recession stage. Moreover, they are attributing this instability of the US economy to the disruption on the consumption spending of the consumers...

Macroeconomics: Term Definition Paper Essay


Macroeconomics: Term Definition Paper

Gross Domestic Product

Gross Domestic Product, also known as GDP, serves as one of the tools of economists in determining or gauging the performance as well as the size of a given economy (, 2007). GDP is defined as the totality of the...

Macroeconomics Essay





This research paper will comprehensively discuss the Theory of Purchasing Power Parity and the comparison of this between Germany and United Kingdom. This will give specific analysis of the different areas about Purchasing Power Parity. Given by data researched from...

Macroeconomics question Essay

Should the president have proposed a higher stimulating package for the economy?

The question on whether or not a stimulation package for the United States economy will be effective depends on so many different factors.  The first criterion that must be examined is whether or not there really is a...

Macro economics Problem Sets Essay

Macro economics Problem Sets

1.Prof Mitchell defines business cycle as a type of fluctuation found on aggregate economic activity of nations that organize their work mainly in business  enterprises .There are 4 phases of a typical business cycle via: expansion otherwise called prosperity or upswing...

Macroeconomics overview Essay

Aggregate demand/aggregate supply and the effect of these on employment and the economy are major aspects of macroeconomics. The further interplay of these factors with the Consumer Price Index and inflation and the effect these have on the demand for a country’s money demonstrate the for me importance of...

Macroeconomics case Essay

1. Hit the `reset` button and make note of the initial values of the money supply, the interest rate, and the level of investment expenditure.

Looking at the initial conditions on figure 1, the money supply Sm=1200, the interest rate i=12%, and the level of investment expenditure I=800.

Figure 1....

Macroeconomics HW Assignment 4 on Unit 7 and 8 Essay

Macroeconomics HW Assignment 4 on Unit 7 and 8
1) What kinds of Monetary policy(easy or tight)  should be exercised under the recessionary gap? Give examples of policy tools in terms of RRR(Required Reserve Ratio), DR(Discount rate) and OMP(open market policy).

During a recessionary gap, the Federal...

Macroeconomics: Comment Essay


Macroeconomics: Comment

Economic system is defined as a set of social institutions that mainly concerns on production, distribution and consumption of goods as well as services in a given country. Furthermore, economic system must have first people and institutions in order to exist. Failure to...

Macroeconomic analysis Essay

1. Drag the AD and AS curves back and forth as far as you can and make note of the differences in real GDP (Q) and the general price level which result from (1) a `policy adjustment` to the change and (2) a `self correcting equilibrium` resulting from the change by clicking those buttons after each of your...

Macro-economics Essay



Question 1

Suppose the following table shows the weekly utility schedule of David Johnson deriving from consumption of pizza and hot dogs. Suppose also that a slice of pizza costs $1.00 and a hot dog costs $0.50.

(a) Complete the columns of MU and MU/$ of the above table.

Macroeconomics Essay

a)      Economically the purchasing power of country’s currency is affected by the macroeconomic variable that operates within a certain economic system. Macroeconomic activities will thus lower or increase the purchasing power of such a currency. When the Australian financial investment become riskier...

Macroeconomic Impact on Business Operations Essay

Macroeconomic Impact on Business Operations


A.    What are the tools used by the Federal Reserve to control the money supply?

There are 3 main tools used by the Fed to control money supply, namely, Required Reserve Ratio, Discount Rate and Open Market operations.


Required Reserve...

Macroeconomic Challenge Essay






Macroeconomic Challenge


The current economic situation which faces the US is troublesome. Foremost among concerns is the slump in new housing sales, the collapse of mortgages, and the so-called outsourcing of jobs. These factors, combined with...

Macroeconomics Analysis and Applications Essay



Macroeconomics Analysis and Applications


Factors of production and government polices that encourages active domestic market activities are just few of the many factors that could provide long term economic growth. Labor, oil and technology serves to be the source of...

Macroeconomic variable- comparisons between 2 countries Essay

Macroeconomic Variables Comparison between 2 Countries


I.                   Introduction

Macroeconomic is the study of economy in its largest sense. It involves the study of a nation and all its determinants. This is a lot more complicated than the study of a single corporation as in...

Macro economics Essay

Macro economics

Thesis Statement :


“What is macro economics, its objects and Functions in Developed Countries.?”




Macro Economics mean as System  may be looked at as whole  or in terms  of its innumerable decisions  making units  such as consuming  ...

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