Maths Topics

Yr 11 MATHS B Essay

ASSIGNMENTTask oneThe aim of this assignment was to determine and create the most suitableand efficient Whirlybird which could sustain flight times the longest. Themethod followed to achieve this was a series of flight test. Differentsizes of Whirly birds were created in 2cm intervals in the length and...

Assessing Maths Assignment

The two edges around the checking are equal in length. I need to work out the length of the edges and the area of the decking, how much materials required and cost. In the 1st triangle marked A, I need to work out the length the opposite side of the triangle with the angle 690. I will do this by using...

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Maths – Investigate how many people can be carried in each type of vessel Essay

The teacher has presented me with a mathematical problem in which I must solve and investigate. It is as follows:- The 'Great Outdoors Boating Company' has 20 large canoes, 5 small canoes and 10 motorboats for hire.- The 'New Canoe Company' has 10 large canoes, 15 small canoes and 6 motorboats for hire.- The...

Maths Statistics Practice Questions Essay

If the arithmetic mean of 7,9,11,13, x, 21 is 13,find the value of x. 2. The mean of 24 numbers is 35. If 3 is added to each number, what will be new mean.? 3. The mean of 20 numbers is 43. If 6 is substracted from each of the numbers,what will be new mean? 4. The mean of 15 numbers is 27. If each numbers is...

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