Media Studies Topics

Analysis of newspaper articles about Amanda Knox Essay

The first article “Is Amanda Knox about to walk free and make millions? ” The victim’s family who has not enough money to attend her appeal shows certainty that Amanda Knox is the murderer and the dead is the known victim. It portrays the good and bad side of the article. Amanda Knox is very important now to...

Throughout the movie Pleasantville it becomes clear to us that one of the key ideas is change Essay

Throughout the movie Pleasantville it becomes clear to us that one of the key ideas is change. Change occurs in different forms in this movie and is also resisted at times. Two characters that embrace the change are Margaret Henderson and Bill Johnson. Two characters that try to resist the change are Skip...

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Rocky movie review Essay

Sylvester Stallone stars and writes Rocky, It's truly known for being one of the greatest films of all time, and in 1976 the Oscars proved that point by giving Rocky, 1976: Best Picture, Director, and Editing, Directed by John Avildsen with a mere one million pound budget. But as Stallone has stated before,...

Analysis of “Sam’s guide to driving boys wild” Essay

The article is a two-page spread from a teenage girls magazine. At first glance the readers eye is drawn to the biggest picture, round to a smaller picture and up to the headline. I think that this is done intentionally so that at first glance the reader can identify whom the article is about from the...

The piece of persuasive writing that I will be analysing is a letter from the Post Office Essay

The piece of persuasive writing that I will be analysing is a letter from the Post Office. The letter is for people looking to obtain money through a loan.

In this text there are a lot of rhetorical questions which are their for a specific reason which is to persuade the reader to take out a Post Office...

Comparing two children’s cook book’s Essay

I have chosen to write about two childrens cookbooks. The first is called "Gruesome Grub and Disgusting Dishes" written by Susan Martineau, illustrated by Martin Ursell. The second is called "Starting Cooking" written by Gill Harvey, illustrated by Norman Young. I chose childrens cookbooks as it was very...

Are Women represented as sex objects in rap videos? Essay

Rap music started in the late 1970's early 1980's and was the first form of socio-political views in music, with the likes of Run DMC, NWA, Tupac & many more. They expressed about soul and the hardship of slavery, much like the Griots, a tribe from the roots of Africa. They were the founders of Rap...

Comparing Holiday Brochures Essay

For this piece of coursework, I will be comparing and contrasting two different holiday brochures. They are, 'Golden Years' and 'Escapades'.

The front cover of Escapades is very bold. It has a purple sparkly background. This denotes fun and energy. This is because purple is a 'fun-loving' colour. On this...

Compare the ways in which genre is established in the opening sequences of Collateral and Trading places Essay

The term film genre refers to the methods of film categorization based on similarities in the narrative elements from which films are constructed. In Collateral the use of dark and bleak mise-en-scene and camera techniques make Collateral suspenseful. The non-diegetic sound adds to this. In Trading Places...

Example of a composed sitcom Essay

I have been a set a task, were I must come up with a proposal for a new British sitcom. I will present my idea in diagrams and bullets, as well as writing. I hope my presentation for the new sitcom will reach your standards and perhaps be above them.

Title: "Our Student Life." The reason for my choice is...

Compare the social and cultural representations in Wondrous Oblivion and Grow Your Own Essay

In recent history different social and cultural groups have started living in the same communities more frequently. The original locals may or may not have accepted these new cultural and social backgrounds. These two films, 'Wondrous Oblivion' and 'Grow Your Own,' both look at the issue of immigration in...

The Keepers of the House – Shirley Ann Grau Essay

In The Keepers of the House, Shirley Ann Grau has written this text through Abigail's point of view, in first person narrative. This makes readers wonder whether the text is biased or not, and also how reliable is the narration throughout the text. Many themes are explored in this text, including power and...

Bridget Jones’s Diary narrative and conventions Essay

Bridget Jones's Diary (Sharon Maguire, 2001) was originally a novel by Helen Fielding and became an extremely successful film when it was released as a romantic comedy. The film made around i??41 million in the UK alone. The storyline is funny, romantic and also safe, in that the audience knows that there...

Review the leaflet “Bike for your life” Essay

The leaflet "bike for your life" is made to persuade and give the information to the reader to take more cycling exercise. The leaflet tells lots of information, which might interest the reader to get on with cycling, and also uses presentational techniques such as headlines, pictures, sub-headings, and...

Media Report Comparing Film and Top Gear Magazine Essay

I have researched the technical and visual codes used in FILM magazines covers, contents pages and double page spreads. I have analysed one double page spread, one contents page and two magazine covers (Empire). I have analysed a Top Gear magazine cover to contrast with the FILM magazine. I have researched...

Womens representation in magazines – looking at Glamour and Cosmopolitan Essay

‘The women’s magazines industry is understood as a monolithic meaning-producer, circulating magazines that contain ‘messages’ and ‘signs’ about the nature of femininity that serve to promote and legitimate dominant interests. ’ ‘Understanding Women’s Magazines –Publishing, Marketing and Readerships’ by Anna...

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