Microorganism Topics

Growth Kinetics Study Of Microorganism In Shake Flask Biology Essay

This experiment is carried out to analyze the growing dynamicss of micro-organisms in shingle flask. E.coli is grown in a LB broth medium and being fermented for 24 hours. Throughout the agitation, the cell civilization is taken out for every 3 hours and protein trial, glucose trial and cell dry weight are...

Microorganism in the Environment Essay

This practical was regarding microorganisms in the environment as we know microorganisms are everywhere ,this session was divided in three parts where in part A of the practical we planted microorganisms on different petri dishes in order to verify if the microorganisms are really everywhere The necessity...

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Food and Industrial Microbiology Essay

FOOD AND INDUSTRIAL MICROBIOLOGY Food spoilage, food infections and intoxications caused by microorganisms and methods for their detection Dr. Neeraj Dilbaghi Reader, Department of Bio & Nano Technology Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology Hisar- 125001 and Dr (Mrs. ) S. Sharma...

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