Mutation Topics

Gene and Chromosome Mutation Essay

Euploidy is one of the two types of chromosome mutations which involves a change in the number of whole sets of chromosomes. The diploid number of chromosomes is the number of sets that are established at fertilisation. There are mutations that result in an increased number of diploid sets of chromosomes...

Different Type of Aging Essay

The wear and tear theory of aging believes that the effects of aging are caused by damage done to cells and body systems over time. Once they wear out, they can no longer function correctly. Dr. August Weismann, a German biologist, was the first introduced this theory in 1882. He believed that the body and...

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Can Evolutionary Psychology Explain Individual Differences in Personality? Essay

It is now a “rule” that “all human behavioural traits are heritable” (Turkeimer, 2000. cited in Pinker 2002). Pinker says that when psychologist Eric Turkheimer made this bold claim in 2000, he was encapsulating over 40 years of studies that overwhelmingly and robustly support this view, and only slightly...

Site Directed Mutagenesis Essay

INTRODUCTION: Site directed mutagenesis is molecular biology technique that is used to make specific, intentional and precise changes to the DNA sequence of a gene or any gene products. It is also used to determine the structure and biological activity of DNA, RNA and protein molecules. It is also called as...

Mutations Essay

A woman's lifetime risk of developing breast cancer is approximately 12 percent, but there are certain BRCA mutations that increase the risk for women to 50-80 percent. For ovarian cancer a BRCA mutation means that a woman goes from a 1. 4 percent risk to a 40-60 percent jump. What are BCRA1 and BCRA 2...

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