Mutation Topics

What is a mutation Essay

A mutation as defined by the dictionary is a sudden change in a heritable characteristic. There a several things that can cause a mutation in someone’s or something’s body. A genetic mutation is what causes mutations in an animal or human. To understand what a genetic mutation is and why it occurs, you would...

DNA techniques may be used to correct a point mutation Sample Essay

Point mutant is an mistake at a peculiar point on the Deoxyribonucleic acid molecule. Since the alterations occur in DNA. in order to repair the mutant. scientists have to happen out where something went incorrect in the Deoxyribonucleic acid construction and how to repair it. Technology improved and in...

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The molecular basis for genetic mutation Essay

Gene Alteration:Inroduction: The construct of cistron has evolved and go more complex since it was foremost proposed. The term Gene was foremost proposed by Wilhelm Johannsen. Gene is a functional section of bases in familial stuff. It means that the functional cistron transcribed into the functional...

Natural Selection, Evolution, Mutation, Variation, Heritability Essay

Darwin envisioned natural selection acting so slowly that its effects would be imperceptible in a human lifetime. But in the late 1900s, evolutionary biologists began to detect small but significant changes taking place in a handful of species. In the past decade, many more cases of natural selection have...

Site Directed Mutagenesis Essay

INTRODUCTION: Site directed mutagenesis is molecular biology technique that is used to make specific, intentional and precise changes to the DNA sequence of a gene or any gene products. It is also used to determine the structure and biological activity of DNA, RNA and protein molecules. It is also called as...

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