Northern Ireland Topics

Why were the British Troops sent to Northern Ireland in August 1969? Essay

On the 14 and 15 August 1969 British Troops were deployed to Northern Ireland to the cities of Derry and Belfast. They were sent in to try and stop the ongoing crisis between the Protestants and Catholics which had resulted in riots. This increase in violence just caused a lot more mistrust between the two...

History of Ireland Essay

The Nationalist marching season, sometimes known as 'the twelfth', 'Orangemen's Day' and 'Boyne celebrations', takes place on the 12th July throughout Northern Ireland, but why does it take place? The first reason I will be investigating is the Battle of the Boyne. This event took place in July 1690 when...

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Assess the view that since 2007 the Northern Ireland Assembly has been a legislative success Essay

Many would argue that since 2007 the Northern Ireland Assembly has been a legislative success. The Assembly has the power to make laws for Northern Ireland. There are 108 MLAs, during the 4th Assembly there this included 38 DUP MLAs and 29 Sinn Fein MLAs. A proposal for legislation is referred to as a “Bill”...

The Truth About Northern Ireland Research Essay

The Truth About Northern Ireland Essay, Research PaperFor those that understand no account is necessary ;for those that don t no account is possible.-graffiti on a peace wall in BelfastPrologueMy involvement in the struggle in Northern Ireland dates back to 1994, when Gerry Adams was granted a visa to see...

The Conflict between Northern Ireland and England Essay

            The Northern Ireland conflict was an internal war that happened in Northern Ireland between1968 and 1969 after people marched along the streets for their civil rights. The term that is commonly used is ‘The troubles’ and has its roots from the Irish war of independence (1919-1923) It is also used...

The impact of the Welfare State on Northern Ireland Essay

Impact of the Welfare State

The Welfare State was an idea that brought about changes throughout Northern Ireland, especially in the three areas of health, housing and education. It did this through funding from London, as Northern Ireland could not pay for these reforms out of its own income. After...

Religious Conflict in Northern Ireland and the Role of the State Essay

Northern Ireland’s past is distinct by its religious conflicts that began the time when Celtic pagans realized their customs and religion cluttered by Christians with scripture and wielding swords. When Ireland was under British rule in the 18th century, the prohibited Catholics not to hold...

Sociological Background to the Northern Ireland Conflict Essay

The aim of this essay is to present a sociological interpretation on the background to the Northern Ireland as not simply a religious war by looking Catholic discrimination in detail and also help develop a better understanding of how the discrimination has been reversed in recent years. Firstly, two key...

What was the contribution of terrence o neil Essay

What was the contribution of Terence O’Neill to the affairs of Northern Ireland during the period 1949-1969? R: Very little, no allies in parliament
S: O’Neill policies
C: background of O'Neill. Northern Ireland before his election N. O'Neill, paisley Brookeborough Faulkner...
P1 Brookeborough government,...

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