Northern Ireland Topics

Why were the British Troops sent to Northern Ireland in August 1969? Essay

On the 14 and 15 August 1969 British Troops were deployed to Northern Ireland to the cities of Derry and Belfast. They were sent in to try and stop the ongoing crisis between the Protestants and Catholics which had resulted in riots. This increase in violence just caused a lot more mistrust between the two...

Source N exemplifies the troubles that took place in Northern Ireland in 1971 to the present time Essay

From the picture in source N we can acknowledge that there are 5 people on top of a building. We can see that, the pope, the politician, a poor catholic man and the woman hiding her child are all going in one direction except the terrorist with a gun and dynamites is going the opposite way trying to create...

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Did Partition solve the problems in Ireland Essay

Partition came about 1n 1920 in Ireland it was called the government of Ireland act. This was an act passed by Lloyd George which intended to set up two home rule parliaments one ruled from Dublin and the other to be 6 of the nine counties of Ulster where unionist opposition to home rule was the greatest....

What can you learn from source A about the disadvantages faced by Catholics in Northern Ireland in the early 1960’s? Essay

S ource A is an article taken from the "Sunday Times" newspaper in 1961. The article informs us that the majority of the employed were protestants, especially jobs higher up in hierarchy, it also includes figures and statistical information that give us a clear indication about the ratio of protestants to...

The Irish Adventure Essay

The sea was choppy and rough; a lot of people were feeling very sick. An hour later and we were arriving in Dublin's 'fair city' for the start of our Irish adventure. We were very excited, as the holiday was one of the few high points in a year when dad had been very ill.

The little I had heard of Ireland...

How has the Provisional Irish Republican Army attempted to reunite Eire and Northern Ireland since 1972 Essay

The name "Irish Republican Army" really gives away the aim of the movement. They have always wanted a unified Ireland free of British rule. In other words the whole of Ireland to be returned to the Irish people as a republic. They didn't suddenly appear in 1972. In 1919 they had fought a violent war against...

Why were British troops sent into Northern Island in 1969? Essay

Violence increased in 1969 between Catholics and Protestants when in April the British government was sent into to keep the peace. This was the tipping of a bucket full of misunderstanding and conflict dating back centuries.

The long term effects of this, the problems going on for the longest, date back...

These sources relate to events at Burntollet Bridge on 4th January 1969 Essay

These sources relate to events at Burntollet Bridge on 4th January 1969. Why have these events produced such different historical interpretations. Refer to sources A to C and any other interpretations of the events from your studies to help you in your answer. There are three sources that come from different...

Bloody Sunday Essay

Bloody Sunday occurred on January 31s, 1972 in Derry, Ireland. British troops were in Ireland awaiting a civil rights march by the citizens of Derry. There were hundreds of troops posted around in camps and barriers sectioned off areas for the march to take place. It was clear that the Irish citizens...

History of Ireland Essay

The Nationalist marching season, sometimes known as 'the twelfth', 'Orangemen's Day' and 'Boyne celebrations', takes place on the 12th July throughout Northern Ireland, but why does it take place? The first reason I will be investigating is the Battle of the Boyne. This event took place in July 1690 when...

Why did Carson, Craig and their ‘Loyalist Unionist supporters’ feel justified in using violence and the threat of violence against ‘Their Kings government’ Essay

Throughout this essay I will explain how Carson, Craig and the Ulster Unionists were opposed to the Home Rule bill, and how they felt they were justified in using armed force if necessary, to get what they believe was their right to a British government for Ireland. I will also detail some background on each...

What was the contribution of terrence o neil Essay

What was the contribution of Terence O’Neill to the affairs of Northern Ireland during the period 1949-1969? R: Very little, no allies in parliament
S: O’Neill policies
C: background of O'Neill. Northern Ireland before his election N. O'Neill, paisley Brookeborough Faulkner...
P1 Brookeborough government,...

Year 11 , Kite Runner and Omagh Essay

In times of conflict ordinary people can act in extraordinary ways I am here today to tell you why you should let my client participate in this war. I know you may think that my client is just another ordinary person. I know he is at the moment, but I know he has the potential to do something special. He...

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