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Original writing – That Arsenal Contract Essay

Often I lay in bed wondering what my life would have could have been if it wasn't for that one night of passion and giving in to that desired passions, that temptress.

But the fact that it started was the first week of term, the first day back was what really started it all off. I'd done quite a few...

Original writing – The Conflict Essay

He could hardly see anything. It was dark, wet and the road was slippery, it was just after nine o'clock. There was no sight of anybody on the windy, everlasting roads, except for him. Then all of a sudden two headlights appeared from the far away distance. The brightness blinded his eyes, but he didn't care...

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Personal and Imaginative writing: “A Spark Of Light” Essay

This world is an evil and cruel place, but we have two choices in how we will conduct ourselves in the world. One choice is easy but wrong-that is to accept the world as it is. The other choice is hard but right-that is to try to change the world.

I was once a successful businessman and owned several...

My Nightmare Jinxed It All – Original Writing Essay

I woke with a start. I could feel my heart thudding against my chest. Sweat poured from every inch of my body. I shivered. I was scared.

As the darkness of the room surrounded me, I smelt danger in the air, but I had no time to think - I was exhausted. I twisted and turned, trying to get back to sleep,...

Empathetic writing based on “Your Move” Essay

Dear Mum,

This is so upsetting, I don't know what to say. Why didn't you tell me this stuff before? You don't know how furious I'm. Why are you accusing me of everything with only pity for yourself? Was it my mistake you slept with a married man?

I am in jail mum, in jail. I'm a thief mum. I stole...

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