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A Comparison of Donne’s The Sun Rising and Spenser’s Epithalamion Essay

In comparing John Donne’s The Sun Rising with the second stanza of Edmund Spenser’s Epithalamion, one can see that they are both lyric love poems, yet different in terms of style, tone, and presentation of the theme of love. In The Sun Rising, the sun is personified and the lovers’ bedroom turned into their...

Fatherhood in the eyes of Thomas, Plath, and Roethke Essay

A father is the most effective person on one’s psychological condition. Dylan Thomas, Sylvia Plath, and Theodore Roethke tell their own stories about their own “dads”. We start out by Thomas’s “Do not go gentle into that good night”, moving to Plath’s “Daddy”, and eventually arriving to Roethke’s “My papa’s...

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The Influence of Nature and Roethkes Father on His Poetry Essay

Theodore Roethke was born among the glorious valleys and streams of Saginaw, Michigan. His parents and his uncle were the owners of a 25 acre greenhouse which is where Roethke spent much of his childhood. These beautiful greenhouses, filled with lively colorful plants are where Roethke and his father spent...

The Broken Heart” – The imagery in John Donne’s poetry is not just a vital part in his works Essay

The imagery in John Donnei??s poetry is not just a vital part in his works, it's essential in combining his feelings and emotions so that he is able to write them down and create poems like this one. i??The Broken Hearti?? is an example of how John Donne uses wordplay to construct images in the reader's...

The Florist’s at Midnight Essay

'The Florist's at Midnight' is a poem concentrating on the superfluous trade of flowers, making us appear almost murderous while we 'nail', 'cloister' and tear flowers 'up from their roots'. Maguire uses bold, contrasting and religious imagery to assist in conveying her thoughts and making us question our...

William Blake – Innocence represents the ideal state and experience represents the reality Essay

nnocence represents the ideal state and experience represents the reality'. Discuss this statement in the light of the poems you have studied so far. Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience juxtapose the innocent, pastoral world of childhood against an adult world of disappointment and corruption. Yet, the...

Consider how appropriate you find this definition of poetry written before 1770 Essay

"Pastoral: any work which represents a withdrawal from ordinary life to a place apart, close to the elemental rhythms of nature, where a person achieves a new perspective on life in the complex social world." By careful examination of 'Ode to Evening' by William Collins and two other poems of your choice,...

Some critics suggest that Larkin portrays human existence as bleak in his poetry – to what extent do you agree with this view in Mr Bleaney? Essay

On the surface, 'Mr Bleaney' is a poem about a man that has come to live in a home formally occupied by Mr Bleaney. The subtext of the poem is concerned with a man's fear that his life has become a routine - in the way that he believes Mr Bleaney's life had been. Throughout this essay, I shall discover...

Compare and contrast the themes of loss of innocence, betrayal and motherhood as portrayed in the poems ‘Cousin Kate’ and ‘The Seduction’ Essay

The Seduction by Eileen McAuley is a poem in some ways similar to 'Cousin Kate. ' It is set in the early to late 1980s in Liverpool. The urban setting is unpleasant ad the poem has many of the same themes as in Rosetti's poem, such as innocence and naivety. The mood and tone of the poem is dark and...

John Donne ‘Songs and Sonnets’ – Secular or Sacred? Essay

"The first thing to remember about Donne is that he was a Catholic; the second, that he betrayed his Faith". 1

Carey's argument continues with heavy emphasis on Donne's religious tendencies and implies that the perpetual worry about fidelity, falseness and the permanence of human relationships contained...

An Analysis of Satan’s Soliloquy in John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” Essay

In the eighty-two lines that consist of Satan's famous soliloquy in Book IV (lines 32 to 113) of John Milton's Paradise Lost, one is given a great deal to think about. Obviously, first and foremost, one gets a deeper look at the character of the "tragic hero" of Milton's epic, who is consumed by his jealousy...

A rundhati Roy’s book, “The God of Small Things” Essay

Arundhati Roy's book, "The God of Small Things" is a very insightful book. In this book, one can see various themes arising from each character, especially on "Two-egged twins" Rahel and Esthappen (Estha) Yako. Roy portrays the children in this book in a very original way; she expresses throughout the book...

The Pike by Amy Lowell Essay

Amy Lowell's "The Pike" is a smooth, fast poem that mirrors its subject. Its form reflects it content. Its meter is irregular and the poem does not rhyme; but it contains within it a certain musical quality which is drawn from word choice and the occasional alliteration. This technique was emphasized by the...

The Little Black Boy Essay

The superficial meaning of Blake's poem, "The Little Black Boy", is that the discriminated black boy, in the dominant white society that instituted slavery, can not play with the white children together, but through mother's teaching gets the vision of equality and love in the future world and so overcomes...

A Comparative Analysis Of Blake’s Poetry Essay

William Blake wrote two interlocking poems, 'The Tiger' and 'The Lamb', which are both obviously referring to animals, but it is the different approaches to form, style and language choice that are used to different effect. Blake uses 'The Tiger' as a vehicle to represent all of his ideologies of fear at the...

Satan: Hero or Villain? Essay

When picturing a heroic act, one would usually envision a feat that involves doing something courageous; such as rescuing a damsel in distress or single-handedly slaying an enemy army. The common element that links together the typical pagan epic heroes are these type of impressive public actions (5). In...

Discuss the way Graham Greene’s use of childhood informs your reading of the short stories Essay

The general theme for many of Graham Greene's stories is childhood, the stories I have chosen to study are very much based on characters and the results of their experiences in life. The main focus of this essay will be on the opposing themes of innocence and experience created by the examination of...

Modernism – T.S. Eliot’s Preludes Prufrock Essay

Modernism was the cultural movement in which innovation and experimentation of art and literature was celebrated and explored as a reaction against the formality and optimism of the preceding Victorian period. Thomas Stearns Eliot was a Modernist literary figure who contributed significantly to the movement...

With reference to a range of poems in innocence and experience, show how Blake presents attitudes to authority Essay

Blake was writing at a time when revolutions in America and France had overturned the established governments and when people hoped or feared the same would happen in Britain. With reference to a range of poems in innocence and experience, show how Blake presents attitudes to authority.

Songs of Innocence...

Novel assessment: Heart Of Darkness Essay

The author uses a stark recurring contrast of light and dark imagery to describe the world that encompasses the Heart of Darkness. This contrast is quite often taken to be the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, order and chaos. Conrad, however, through his twisted and emotionally provocative...

John Donne’s Poetry is Emotionally Intense, Full of Passionate Feelings and Opinionated Attitudes – Discuss Essay

Stephen Jenkins 5th December 2001

GCSE Coursework


John Donne's Poetry is Emotionally Intense,

Full of Passionate Feelings and Opinionated Attitudes.


"The Sunne Rising", "The Anniversary", "The Apparition" and "A Nocturnal Upon St Lucy's Day; Being the Shortest Day" are four...

The Knight’s Tale and the Miller’s Tale Essay

The sense of random happenings and arbitrary choices that pervades The Canterbury Tales applies not only to the tales the Pilgrims tell but also to the situation that they are in- the pilgrimage to Canterbury. Chaucer constructs the pilgrimage so that

Wel nyne and twenty in a compaignye

Of sundry folk,...

It is clear…that Chaucer used the couple relationship as a kind of open field on which a number of battles might be fought Essay

'It is clear... that Chaucer used the couple relationship as a kind of open field on which a number of battles might be fought: experience versus authority, rebellion versus submission, impetuosity versus prudence, determinism versus free will, passivity versus moral action, as well as conflicts centring on...

Grendel: The Hero of His Own Story? Essay

The hero in the story of Grendel is not defined as a particular person; rather, it appears Grendel has undertones of a hero in himself from his point of view. Since Grendel is telling his own life story, his pattern of thinking and logic must be unwoven to discern whether or not everything that he tells us...

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