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Why did islam spread so quickly Essay

The spread of Islam's empire was very quick. Islam's embellishments were persuasive towards other regions to join the empire. Their welcoming openness was towards other religions and people to join. They were educated in a varied amount of trade and business. Their army gave them many advantages as well....

On “Different Ways to Pray” Essay

On “Different Ways to Pray”
A Journal
            Naomi Shihab Nye’s poem, Different Ways to Pray, is essentially an open-minded view of a religion commonly touted backwards and unforgiving in its demand for adherence to dogma.  Through the poem, the author sends across the message that faith cannot be...

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A Comparison between Achilles and Abraham Essay

A Comparison between Achilles and Abraham
General Information
            Achilles is widely believed to be one of the greatest heroes of the Trojan War and also the most handsome, the quickest and one of the strongest warriors during the war. (more…)...

An Exposition on James Rachels: “Does Morality Depend on Religion?” Essay

An Exposition on James Rachels:
“Does Morality Depend on Religion?”
James Rachels argues that morality and religion are separate entities. He states that “morality is a matter of reason and conscience, not religious faith” and that “right and wrong are not defined in terms of God’s will.”i He uses the...

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