Russian history Topics

Was terror the main reason why Stalin kept power in the Soviet Union? Essay

Stalin used a variety of methods while he was ruling Russia to get the people to do what he wanted and to create an effective working force. He also used these methods as a way to keep power in the Soviet Union. Terror played a major role in his method of keeping power. This essay will show the significance...

How do these sources show why O’Connor, “unquestionably the best loved, as well as the most hated man in the Chartist movement”, become its leader? Essay

O'Connor is seen to be the most loved man in the Chartist movement. Harney speaks of him as having a strong physical frame, a loud voice which is seen as important reasons as to why he's the natural leader of Chartism. He's acknowledging that O'Connor is not perfect but he has all the qualities that a leader...

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Russian history
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Analyze the part played by the failure of Tsardom in the Feb/March revolution in 1917 Essay

Maybe it was fated for Russia to become a democracy or a socialist state; for all signs pointed towards an empty throne. Tsardom, in Russia, had proved successful in the past as the Tsar carefully managed his power and, at least in the Golden years of the Tsarist era, somewhat appeased or completely...

What happened to the Romanov family? Essay

A. Source A is a report from an American newspaper and it tells us that Judge Sergeyev investigated the murder of the Romanov family. However as Sergeyev was sacked perhaps he had not written his report biased enough so reliable information may be found in the source. The whites would have wanted it to seem...

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