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Space Exploration – the desire to chart the unknown

The Cold War surprisingly started the beginning of something that would some would argue should be stepped up and others believe it is not needed. Space exploration is a topic of discussion, expensive but needed to solve our curiosity of other planets, life and space in general. It has given us new Science Essay online ...

Catastrophic Incident

He sat at the head of the table. His mere presence oozed power, strong body language, piercing eye contact and projected speech. The object of everyone's respect.

"It's been a long day and I know you're all eager to finish but as you understand we desperately need a decision on the current situation."
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Enzyme Reactions

In lessons I am researching into enzymes and their functions, also what affects them. The basis of this investigation is to find out what affects the rate of reaction while using enzymes. In the experiment I am testing whether the concentration of the acid (hydrogen peroxide) affects the amount of reaction Free Science Essay topics ...

Who should decide when science has gone too far?

After all the catastrophes that happened because of the scientific advances these past decades such as Chernobyl (1986) or Fukushima in Japan (2011), we are led to wonder: Who should decide when science has gone too far?

Science has brought us many things over time like the knowledge of physics, Science Essay examples ...

Life’s hurdles

The dim clouds hang in the sodden sky like filthy cotton wool. The wind is biting, and chills me to my core.

I wipe what remains of the sandman's apparatus from my eye and quake in the cold. My riding boots are sucked down into the mud. I'm sinking. With considerable force I pull my footwear out, making a Science Essay sample ...

Bioligy Data Analysis Task

(ii) I have devised a general equation based on this derived from the overall spread of data from Lv1-Lv7. It involves using the level number to estimate a BPM reading: Estimated BPM Reading = 127. 55 + ( Lv X x 8. 75 ). A factor to take into account with this equation is that as a runner reaches Lv8 the BPM Completely Free Science Essay ...

The Use Of Enzymes In Industry And Medicine

Enzymes are a tertiary structure protein, that is to say a three dimensional molecule comprised of amino acid chains, or polypeptides, that have been folded and made globular by ionic , hydrogen and disulphide bonds. They are biological catalysts, which tells us that they are a biological molecule, which Order Science Essay ...

Ethic and Science

Science is still now as important as it was before , since it is what keeps us moving forward to the future, to a ‘better’ world that everyone is trying to create. But if we slow down for a moment to think about it, we will be surprise about what we are foreting in this rapid-growing world, which one of them Cheap Science Essay ...

Science and Technology

Science and technology (S&T) is widely recognised as an important tool for fostering and strengthening the economic and social development of the country. India has made significant progress in various spheres of science and technology over the years and can now take pride in having a strong network of Write my Science Essay ...

Oryx and crake

As Margaret Atwood herself put it best, “not real can tell us about real.” Oryx and Crake is a dystopian novel, which plays on the fear of human extinction by the hands of humans themselves. As implausible as it may seem, certain technologies and social developments presented in the novel are Custom Science Essay ...

Use of Multimedia Materials Science: The Solar System

The topic for this project will be about science, specifically, on the solar system (SS). At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to: 1) Explain briefly how the solar system was formed 2) List the other components of the solar system 3) Identify the nine planets of the solar system according to Science Essay for college ...

Montreal Protocol: Mitigating Ozone Depletion through Science and Global Unity

Montreal Protocol: Mitigating Ozone Depletion through Science and Global Unity

The implication of ozone depletion is among the most devastating occurrences that have been successfully mitigated and prevented because of science and global cooperation. This has been made possible because of the Montreal Science Essay for high school ...

Men in science


Coulomb, Volta, Ampere and Ohm’s Contributions in The Electrical Theory



Electricity is a term used to describe a variety of physical phenomena due to the presence and flow of electric charges.  Its discovery dates back from ancient Greek and Parthian civilizations. Many English Science Essay ...

Introduction to Mechanical Science 2

I.                   Objective

At the end of the experiment, the student must able to perform a tensile test to destruction on two different tensile test pieces in order to determine their tensile properties.

II.                Materials

The materials and apparatus that were used in the experiment Template for Science Essay ...

Development of Science and Technology

India is one of the top-ranking countries in the field of basic research. Indian Science has come to be regarded as one of the most powerful instruments of growth and development, especially in the emerging scenario and competitive economy. In the wake of the recent developments and the new demands that are Science Essay introduction ...

Common Sense As a Source of Knowledge

The Weaknesses and Strengths of Common Sense and Science as Sources of Knowledge

There are many sources of knowledge as the society progresses. In this case, the most controversial question would be whether or not common sense can be accounted as a reliable source of knowledge? Although both common sense Science Essay phrases ...

Late pleistocene extinction

Late Pleistocene Extinction

I.                   Introduction
Within their study, scientists have long discovered that to understand present life forms there is a significant need to comprehend life in the past. There are more to study about life than just observing the living. Life started Science Essay well written ...

Discuss the importance of each step in the scientific method

Discuss the importance of each step in the scientific method. Why do you think scientists utilize this type of experimentation and reasoning?


Scientists use a wide array of methods for understanding and gathering information about the universe. The scientific method differs from all other means Short Science Essay ...

Lab report

The Acid Dissociation Constant, Ka
Name: Candice Joseph
Date: May 1, 2007

1. Purpose

The purpose of this experiment was to determine equilibrium constant Ka for dissociation of acetic acid in aqueous solution. This will be done by measuring pH of aqueous solution of different concentrations of acetic Science Essay basics list ...

Determining the Concentration of a Solution – Application of Beer’s Law

Determining the Concentration of a Solution – Application of Beer’s Law

Candice Joseph

April 10, 2007

1. Purpose

The purpose of this experiment was to produce a calibration curve of absorbance vs. concentration for NiSO4 and then to use this standard curve for determining concentration of an Science Essay brainstorming ...

Identification of Ba (Pommerville)cteria

Aim: Identification of Ba (Pommerville)cteria



Identification of microorganisms through biochemical analysis is a crucial step in identifications of the unknown bacterium (Pelczar). This work of identification of bacterium was performed through different biochemical tests. Unknown Science Essay ideas ...

Partition Coefficient experiment




Experiment I                                                                  Partition Coefficient
Results                                                           Absorbance after shaking
Measured ph volumes              sulphadimidine                      acetyle Science Essay recommendation ...

Ib Tok Prescribed Title

The search for knowledge is a constantly ongoing process. So how are we to know if we have made any progress? Progress is development, advancement, and moving forward. In this case it is the progress in the search for knowledge in an area of knowing. Within the areas of knowing the strongest contradiction is Science Essay with sources ...

Report On Age of Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution Essays



Perhaps more than any period of time since the Classical Era, the Age of Enlightenment saw innovations in thought, politics, theology and science. The two essays offered within this volume highlight some of the specific changes that occurred in these areas. The first essay, The Age Science Essay database ...

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