Sociology Topics

Deprived Areas of Baltimore Essay

"Bolstered by a host of unwanted rankings-first among large cities in the United States for murder, violent, and property crime, and drug-related emergency room visits; consistently in the top-ten most dangerous cities in the United States; a poverty level of 24% (34% for children under 18); life...

Using examples from the world of sport, illustrate the main principles of a sociological approach? Essay

Sociology is the study of human social life, groups and societies... The scope of sociology is extremely wide, ranging from the analysis of passing encounters between individuals in the street up to the investigation of world-wide social processes (Anthony Giddens "Sociology", 1989). A sociological approach...

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Show how gender may be important in forming our identities Essay

Gender is a very important part of identity, which recognizes male and female social attributes in particular societies. As opposed to sex which identifies people biologically. This essay will show how gender is important in forming people's identities. First it will explain the self-categorization theory,...

A Social Psychological Approach to the Art of Choosing Essay

Sheena Iyengar presents a revolutionary book on the most fundamental and mundane aspect of human survival - making choices. The Art of Choosing is ground breaking in that Iyengar deconstructs and analyzes the complex relationship between choice, freedom, and culture. The concepts Iyengar presents in her...

Amsterdam Mini Cruise £50 Return Essay

How many times and how many companies have we seen with this fantastic offer? What makes this city so popular? The culture? The architecture? The history? Or is it the attraction of buying and using a soft drug, without the hassle of the law making an honest but curious citizen into a criminal?

In our...

Compare and contrast the plays Billy liar and My mother said I never should which we are studying for out performance Essay

This year we are studying Billy Liar and My mother said I never should. They are two different plays, dealing with different issues and themes. I am going to explore these differences and similarities in some detail.

One of the biggest and most important contrasts would be the genre of the two plays. My...

Virginia Woolf was considered as a precursor of contemporary feminism Essay

Virginia Woolf was considered as a precursor of contemporary feminism. Killing the Angel in the House: Seven Essays is not only an insight to the intriguing mind of Virginia Woolf, but also an insight into the society of her time and of times gone by, of how women writers, how she, has struggled to get to...

Women as Property in Regards to Rape Essay

Rape in early modern England was considered a capital crime, however, it constituted about one percent of indicted felonies1. The majority of rape trials were held in silence due to the social restraints placed on women. Consequently, the silence of rape victims has resulted in a lack of historical records....

E.M.Forster: A Room with a View Essay

Edward Morgan Forster, (1879-1970), was an English novelist and essayist, whose novels were written in a style notable for its conciseness and fluidity, which explored the attitudes that created barriers between people.

At the beginning of the Edwardian Era, Forster wrote three novels: "Where Angels Fear...

The Necklace Essay

Isaac Asimov, a Russian writer and biochemist once said "never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what's right. " But what exactly is right? Do we humans know the difference between what is right and wrong without having morals? Morals shape up one's life... but then again what you learn from...

Social class is the way of grouping people together according to the jobs they do Essay

Social class is the way of grouping people together according to the jobs they do. The government use the register generals table of social class witch I have outlined below.


Types of jobs people do

1. Highly skilled non manual

2. Skilled non manual

3. Skilled non manual

4. Highly...

Discuss and evaluate Desmond Morris’s article on’Territorial Behavior’ Essay

In this essay I intend to discuss and evaluate Desmond Morris's article on 'Territorial Behavior'. After reading his article, and having taken into account his thoughts and perceptions, I feel I can relate to as well as appreciate the most part of what he wrote, however, on the other hand, our opinions...

It has been claimed that the nuclear family is a universal feature of human societies Essay

Many sociologists have regarded the family as the cornerstone of society, as it forms the basic unit of social organization. The nuclear family has traditionally been defined as, the basic family unit, consisting of adult partners and their dependent children. Although the composition of the family varies as...

Evaluate Marxist and Functionalist Views of Religion Essay

Definitions of religion tend to be either substantive or functional. Substantive definitions try to uncover the essence of religion, in other words what religion is. Functional approaches place more emphasis on the effect of a religion, which means what a religion does. Religion is one of the major social...

What are some of the major changes in patterns of work in the UK over the last twenty five years? Essay

To carry out this assignment effectively, I will firstly list all the major changes as a subheading then explore each of these changes putting my findings in writing as the body of this essay.

Over the last twenty five years, the most important topic connected with the change in working patterns in the UK...

Compare documents one and two on the nature of the 1906 LRC Essay

Both Documents one and two agree that the LRC was a party for the working class. Document one, the LRC's 1906 manifesto tells us, "The House of Commons is supposed to be the people's House and yet the people are not there. Landlords, employers, lawyers, brewers and financiers are there in force. Why not...

What was ‘new’ about the Liberal Social Reforms? Essay

The key concept of Old Liberalism was the view of society as a collection of individuals. From this came the idea that the only proper, decent way to encourage economic growth, and thus, a better country, was to encourage entrepreneurship, and individual liberty. The Classical Liberalists were against...

The Dorm Life Essay

I walked up stairs, after a drooling three-hour practice and a workout in the weight room. I was overwhelmed by the amount of body odor I was emitting. All I could think about is a long shower and my comfortable bed. I open the door to Shaq, my next-door neighbor, ingesting all my Little Debbie snack cakes...

How George Bernard Shaw uses the power of language to make his audience think about social change Essay

Give a lecture to Swindon College students explaining how George Bernard Shaw uses the power of language to make his audience think about social change.

Morals, Money, Class. Are they linked?

George Bernard Shaw explores ideas on these subjects in his play Pygmalion.

He also uses language to make...

Systems, Fiddling and Strangers: Young People on the ‘Welfare State’ Essay

This article is about young peoples understanding of the welfare state, how they characterize it and what they think it is for. To do this, the method applied was the interview. It was selected 33 young people aged 18 to 25. In this sample were included school leavers, students in higher education and young...

What Problems Do Older People Experience? Essay

As older people age, they suffer a lot of biological problems. However, in some societies, these problems are considered good things. I have found a lot of information on this from the Human Body Video.

As humans get older their eyesight deteriorates. They get things like double vision, cataracts, they...

Explore two critics’ interpretations of Dylan Thomas’s attitude towards society Essay

Swansea was the "ugly lovely town"1of Dylan Thomas's childhood and it was through his explorations of Swansea and the surrounding area that he formed his first impressions of childhood. Thomas grew up during the depression after the First World War and during this time there was massive unemployment in...

Scholarly detachment in scientific research Essay

Scholarly detachment in scientific research is possible for many reasons. For example if I was doing a study on deviance in lower class family's it would be easy for me to be influenced by my religion, culture, as well as emotions for feeling pity towards certain families. Therefore my research would be...

To what extent, and in what ways, is the enjoyment of public space compromised in contemporary society for young people? Essay

Childhood is a socio-cultural construction categorised as distinct from adulthood and then divided into competing positive and negative representations; children and youths respectively. Ambiguity surrounds children as active participants in constructing and contesting everyday life, yet also requiring...

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