Sound Topics

Alternate Ending to a Tell Tale Heart Essay

As I released my grip on the pillow that I had used to smother the old man, a sense of relief had flown through the vein in my neck like a bird’s wings flowing through the midnight air. The thought of his eye no longer piercing my soul gave me a sensational chill that I have never felt before. Truly I have...

Compressing Audio and Video Essay

The most commonly used standards for encoding and compressing audio and video were developed by the Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG) under the leadership of ISO. In turn, these standards themselves are called MPEG. MPEG have a variety of standards for different applications. For example, the demands for...

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Indicators of Sensory Loss in Newborns and Early Childhood Essay

* Dislike or avoidance of close contact of others
* Startles easily
* Short attention span for the child's age
* Frequent daydreaming
* Turns or tilts head to use one eye or closing one eye
* Appearance of a squint...

Sound and Cheerful Elderly Lady Essay

I was only one year old when I first met my great-grandmother, the first few words that came out of her mouth surely was not music to my ears. My great-grandmother was a very petite lady with hair that looked similar to someone drenching her hair with salt and pepper, with a silky dress that ran softly along...

Dream House Essay

Do you know what your dream house is like? I do and can’t wait to tell you about it. It’s like light in the darkness! I will describe what you can see, hear, and do in this beautiful house. Please read carefully you don’t want to miss a word.
There are a variety of things that catch your eye about this mind...

Compare Jitter, Shimmer and Harmonics to Noise Ratio in Terms of the Types of Information Each Provides? Essay

Jitter and shimmer are measures of the cycle-to-cycle variations of fundamental frequency and amplitude, respectively, which have been largely used for the description of pathological voice quality. Jitter is also known as frequency perturbation and refers to the minute involuntary variations in the timing...

Silence in Siope Essay

Did you know silence does not exist. The dictionary defines silence as absence of any sound or noise. There have been many things that suggest that silence is never occurring. There is always some sound being produced from something. In fact silence does not exist and the a term, silence, that is irrelevant...

Opera House Acoustics Essay

An opera house that “looks better than it sounds? ” Who ever heard of such contradiction? When one thinks about an opera house, some may think boring; others may think amazing sound quality, among other thoughts. If an opera house is built to produce “opera” events/productions, shouldn’t the sound quality be...

Of Mice and Men – Tension in Chapter 3 Essay

Tension is created in chapter 3 building up to the moment Candy’s dog is shot with the repeated use of silence. The word ‘silence’ is used 3 times to describe the atmosphere of the room leading up to the moment the dog is shot. The silence is described as ‘ out of the night and invading the room’. From this...

Physics of Brass Instruments Essay

The physics and mathematics involved in the sound production of brass instrument are, surprisingly, quite complicated. However, several models are available to give us a brief overview of the principles behind brass instrument sound generation. A sounding brass instrument can be understood to have two parts:...

Pitch Correction Paper Essay

Pitch correction also known as “Auto-tune” is software used heavily in today’s popular music world. It is plug-in software that is added to industry leading recording programs such as Protools, Logic and Cubase. “When used properly it corrects the intonation of pitches without altering any other aspects of...

Normal Development of Speech and Language Essay

The reading assignment for this unit is chapters 3 and 7 in Plante and Beeson. You might want to look at other sources, as well. This unit will be worth 50 points and is due at 11:30 PM on Sunday, February 10th. Respond to the following questions: 1. In reference to the nature of sound, define: frequency,...

History of Reverb and Echo in Audio Production Recording Essay

History of Reverb and Echo in Audio Production Recording Natural occurring reverb goes further back than man on earth. Since before man, creatures and nature made sounds that created natural reverb and echo. But now in today’s age with men and the modern technology that they have created there are all sorts...

Sounds: Sound Wave Molecules Essay

We use the amazing human ear everyday to listen to different sounds for many reasons. For example we listen to conversations, we listen to music, and we even listen to common everyday sounds such as the birds and rain. However, did you know that our ears have their limits and not everyone is the same? There...

Noise Barriers Essay

In the studio, in any live performance, basically anywhere music is being played, how the music sounds is the most important thing. Sure, the way they artists are dressed might be cool to see, and sure, the way they strut around stage might grab your attention, but the way they sound is definitely the most...

Modern Technology Essay

Modern Technology Technology has increased within the last ten years. It has made communication much easier and more convenient. People communicate on a daily basis, and with modern technology, people can communicate much easier and faster. Modern technology has changed the way teen’s deal with one another...

Techniques Vibrato Essay

TECHNIQUES VIBRATO G T? ons D v? Bra HOW VIBRATO CAN SHAKE UP YOUR MUSIC By Jon Chappell V D RU M M O N D : L I S A TA N N ER ibrato is one of the most expressive techniques a musician can use. Playing notes loudly and softly or varying the tempo may create a sense of drama, but if you really want to make a...

Do Different Music Genres Affect Plant Growth? Essay

Danielle Fraser; Clay High School
The title of this project is “Do Different Music Genres Affect Plant Growth?” The purpose is to test how different music genres affect plant growth. The test may or may not validate the hypothesis made, that the plants exposed to classical music will be effected...

Nature and Man Essay

Charles Baudelaire is a controversial French poet during the 1840’s. Choosing not to take up law, he was sent him to a trip to India during which he discovered his passion for poetry. Later on he was part of the 1900’s movement, the Symbolist, whose goal was to show the world different perspectives or the...

The sixth sense film analysis Essay

With a close up of the award, the clip begins with our view of the couple only in reflection of Malcolm’s recent award, which is made to seem meaningless as we can’t read the writing despite it being in centre of the frame. The award is in a red frame. This already seems to be warning to both Malcolm and...

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